Top 5 Designer Jewelery Brands in India


Hi Ladies!

jewellery brands in india

Women are almost inseparable from jewellery and they have to have the best and the most unique of the designs possible. Well all that is certain and agreed to but to have the most unique and pretty designs, one must know the place where one could go for such shopping. We women take a lot of time in dressing up! I agree, but isn’t it then worth it when we wear the choicest of things and carry our aura all around?

Well today, to respect our womanhood and the pride with which we carry ourselves, I am sharing with you some knowledge on the best designer brands that we have in India. If you know you are in the right place, choosing the right jewel for yourself or for your happy occasions becomes a lot easier. Let me bring to the table today, the best 5 designer brands that we have today in India.


tanishq queen of hearts jewellery

I am sure this is the name we have almost replaced in our vocabulary for designer jewellery by now. An off shoot of Tata, Tanishq owns majority patronage thanks to its vivacious and awesome designs. They can make you ponder over making a choice.

tanishq jewelery in india

It captured a large chunk of patronage of people admiring jewellery thanks to its customer friendly policies of operation. I personally have visited them a lot of times and find the place very awesome and the designs just exquisite.

Nakshatra Diamond

nakshatra jewellery

It definitely is not a brand to be missed. With names like Aishwarya Rai and  Katrina Kaif associated with the brand, it achieved great heights soon after it launched. Its jewels are too famous as well and make you fall in love with them.

nakshatra jewellery design


ddamas jewelery

D’Damas is another brand which you can vouch for if you want lovely embellishments for yourself. They have beautiful designs. They have also invested heavily in marketing and advertising which makes them so popular these days. These designs are well crafted and are totally awesome.

ddamas jewellery

I remember their collections like Lamhe, Glitterati etc. that were just crafted for an audience with class.


asmi jewellery design

They came and became popular with their exquisite designs that one could see on the TV ad campaigns.

asmi wedding jewellery design

You got to see their designs for sure. Priyanka Chopra is their brand ambassador and the designs believe me would leave you enchanted for sure, if you have not yet checked them out.

Gili- A product of Geetanjali Group

gilli bipasha basu jewellery

Gili is famous since their advent in 1994 and have been doing great work when it comes to jewellery designs. They are also famous for their exquisite designs which went on to become trend setters!

gilli jewellery

I hope the list is able to convince you that these are the best 5 we have today in India in the field of jewellery. There are more designer jewellery brands available which are soon picking up their pace to match these but when it comes to famous five, these brands would be on your tips by the time you explore the market.

Anushka-Sharma for gilli geetanjali jewels

I hope you like this post and find these useful. I am not too sure about the other brands as my focus stops once I go through these 5 brands that I mentioned here already.



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