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Face serums are meant for those who want to target specific problem such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots etc.They are  a good choice for those who want to prevent acne and brighten up their skin .

We on Wise She reviewed many serums this month and we are compiling it here for you guys so that you can chose which one is best for you as per your skin condition .

So here goes the list of Top 5 Hair Serums:-

1Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence

  • Price – INR 1299.It’s available on discount on Purplle.com

Though available at a hefty price of 1299INR, it works wonders on your skin. I am not saying that you would turn into a princess overnight but yes with regular use you can see the results and notice the difference. Another major benefit of the product is that it does not cause any pimple on application, so do not get apprehensive for this reason.

I would say to follow one simple principle while using this product: please gurlies if you are buying it and want to see the result, do apply it regularly. Do not skip a single day. You would soon get the compliments from your family and friends.

Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence Review+care product skin

Olay White Radiance Advanced Fairness Intensive Brightening Serum


  • PRICE & QUANTITY: 1299/- FOR 50 ml.You can but it online.

It claims to reveal bright skin from within by fading dark spots & evening out skin tone. I haven’t noticed any such improvement, even after prolonged usage. This is the reason I used to switch to others, it couldn’t help with exactly what it claimed. But apart from this one point it’s worked wonderfully for me. I love the dewy look it imparts & it’s hydrating without making my skin oily. The quantity is amazing it will go on for very long, I feel it’s worth the price.



Must have face serum in India

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

skin whitening serum reviews

Price: Rs.5500/- for 30ml. You can buy it from Amazon if abroad.It’s at 62% discount there.

I purchased this one after surfing various sites for tan removal and dark spots as summer is the time when my skin is at worst of it. Wanted to save myself this summer, so was in search of some good serum, which will not only remove tan and dark spots but also protect my skin from any future problems.

So after going through all the sites, reading all the reviews I purchased this serum, was very doubtful about it as it’s very costly and what if it will not work or damage my skin but this one is an exciting product. It paid for my money actually.

My skin looked brighter in 10th day of use and now after a month my skin is very smooth, radiant, soft and bright, no dark spots, texture of my skin has improved, please notes my skin is combination. I only use it twice a day after cleansing my skin. It absorbs easily in skin.

You can follow up with any moisturizer of your choice and then with makeup.  It is best for people who are on field as this will repair their skin.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum

  • Price – INR 1499.You can buy it online.

The serum is pearluscent and has a nice mild scent. Use ’2-3 drops’ in a circular motion on your face and neck in the morning. Now you can use this alone or before applying your moisturiser, but since it’is a serum, it doesn’t contain any SPF. So, if you are going to out in the sun you will be exposed to the suns harmful rays.

The formula of this serum is light and gets absorbsed quickly by the skin. I use it after my Clarins sunscreen and it does not make my face oily. At least not yet. The weather is cool so maybe that’s why. Read: L’oreal Contour Khol Vert Profond Deep Green & Brun Chrome Brown Review L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+Loreal Cream for uneven skin tone It gives a nice radiance to the face without being over the top.

One of the main ingredients is glycolic acid (AHA). With regular use I guess this liquid light technology that it is made of will enchance and refine the skin for a more even looking skin tone. Overall I would say this is a nice serum for now and I’m going to finish the bottle this winter. Let’s hope it is the secret to an even and luminous complexion.


Loreal serum reviews

Kaya AntOx Vitamin C Formula Skin Serum Review


  • Price  -  Rs. 1,790 for 30 ml.You can buy it online.

It’s two weeks since I started using this serum and I examined my skin in a 4x mirror yesterday and actually noticed that my skin tone looks more even and the texture of my skin has become smooth.

I was actually going to spend a ton of money on some de-pigmentation creams and facials but I’m glad that this one product sorted it all out.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits and you can also be take it in tablet form both chewable and soluble.  If you take your multi-vits daily and you should, you will see in the ingredients that there is a percentage of vit C in that too. People and pregnant women who suffer from spongy/bleeding gums should have lots of vitamin C.  Smokers should take a vit-C supplement too-helps the lungs manage the smoke. Vit C is also a natual antihistamine.  Antihistamines are used for relief from allergies.  Way to go Vitamin C!


What’s you favourite face serum?

For those who would like to save it


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  1. Company sent me the sample for the Lakme youth but to my surprise it got finished after using i 4-5 days …so i have no idea how it is…Also, i didnt find anything amazing while using it.

  2. among all 5, shiseido seems the best of all, hey na, sooo wanna use it, i have used olay serum, liked it, but not mindblowing product. even loreal boosting essence is pretty good.


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