Top 5 Food Sources Of Vitamin D For Skin



Top 5 Food Sources Of Vitamin D For Skin


Hey beauties! Usually all of us refrain from going out in the sun and when we are out a blob of high SPF cream/lotion becomes our best friend for the rest of the day. Don’t forget those scarves and stoles that we use to cover our faces. All of this is justified because we don’t enjoy our badly tanned or sun burnt skin, but there’s something very important that sun provides us apart from the harmful UV rays. Because we can’t tolerate the heat and tan, here are some other sources of Vitamin D for a beautiful looking skin 🙂

Orange Juice

Oranges don’t provide you only “Vitamin C”, they are a huge source of Vitamin D as well. So in every way, orange juice is good for you skin so you better start drinking it nowwww. 😀 A glass full of oranges juice fulfills about one-third of your daily Vitamin D needs.



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Fat Free Yoghurt

Including Yoghurt in your diet is really beneficial for your skin though applying it is equally magical 🙂 If you normally look for packaged and flavoured yoghurts then there’s nothing to worry about. One portion of that packaged yoghurt contains a large amount of Vitamin D that will fulfill 20 percent of your day’s requirement.



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Salmon is the baap of all amongst all the Vitamin D rich foods 😛 The oh so healthy fish fulfills 100 percent of your Vitamin D requirements for a day. Salmon is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids so it is good for your health and skin as well.


Egg Yolk

Ohh! Another bad news for the vegetarians (*including myself*) Egg Yolk also contains high amount of Vitamin D. So you should not leave the yolk because it contains necessary elements for your body. The best ways to grasp all the Vitamin D in the egg is by having it poached, scrambled or hard boiled.


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Cow’s Milk

Change your regular buffalo’s milk with Cow’s milk. It is rich in Vitamin D and considerably low in the fat levels. A glass full of milk will give you one-fifth of the day’s Vitamin D requirement. Hmm now I know from where do I get all the Vitamin D 😛 (*Okay Yes I love drinking milk, is it weird?*)

I hope you liked this informative post, stay healthy and look gorgeous!! 🙂

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