Top 5 Skin Toners For Combination Skin Type


Top 5 Skin Toners For Combination Skin Type

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I hope all of you are doing fine. My recent post on what a skin toner can do for the skin was widely accepted and appreciated,, but along with all the appreciation, I realized that some of you were intrigued by the vast variety of skin toners available in the market.

A single toner can not, and would not work for all types of skin together. Specific skins require specifically formulated products which are curated keeping in mind the demands of the skin! So here are 5 of the best toners which work wonders for combination skin types, available for you beauties!

Fab India Tea Tree Toner

Price- 135 INR

Fab India tea tree toner review

Fab India is one of the most cost-effective well-reputed brands which bring out to its customers an array of natural products which suit Indian skins very well. Toners are meant to tighten the skin pores and tea tree is one amazing ingredient in there which is a real savior for combination skin. The toner not only freshens up the skin, but also adds a nice glow to your complexion. It even clears up all the excess sebum thus preventing oiliness for a long time.

Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner

Price– 185 INR

Lotus Basiltone Toner
Lotus Basiltone Toner

Lotus is one of the most favorite all-natural lines of products in the Indian market loved both for the quality and its prices. And the basiltone toner from lotus, along with being a great ph-restoring balancer, is an amazing product to really tone up and remove any speck of dirt, grime, pollution or makeup from the skin. Plus the basil and cucumber extract s make it all the more desirable.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris for Combination-Oily Skin

Price– 1200 INR

Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris for Combination-Oily Skin

Unlike most other skin toners, this one from Clarins does not sting a bit it is very mild but way efficient for combination skins. The toner is absolutely alcohol free, and the best part about it is that it is enriched with purified sage and iris extracts which leaves squeaky clean skin behind. Not a trace of oil!

Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

Price– 600 INR

Kiehl’s popularity has been growing manifold in India recently, and this toner holds true to kiehl’s acclaim of being non-alcoholic, herbal and totally non-drying. It is just perfect for sensitive, combination skin types; which leaves behind clean, supple, toned skin in no time. Infused with the goodness of cucumber extracts, it gives a very soothing effect upon sensitive combination skin types.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Toner

Price– 795 INR

TBS Tea tree Skin Clearing Toner

Who doesn’t love The Body Shop? That is only if you can keep aside the price tag from your mind, but still Body Shop has to offer some gorgeous products! The tea tree clearing toner from the house of Body Shop has one amazing property to it it has mattifying powders which help in keeping the skin shine-free. The toner is clinically tested to help achieving a radiant and clearer-looking skin. The toner does all the things a conventional toner does. For example do toning, tightening the pores, removing any excess oil, clearing up the residual cleanser and everything nice. A total win!

Which of these top 5 skin toners for combination skin type are you choosing for your skin’s radiance?

Have you tried these skin toners?

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