Top 5 Sunscreens For Oily Skin In India


Top 5 Sunscreens For Oily Skin In India

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Being a typical Leo, I enjoy bright sunny days like anything! A sight of clouds and I don’t like the day! πŸ™ Give me a sunny day and I am one happy soul! A lot of us love soaking in the sun and it pretty much gives the same feel after a relaxing body spa! Yeah you just are drowsy for a bit but then all your body feels energized! Well, the sun & sun tan looks pleasant till the time you don’t get dark spots, freckles or ugly sun burns! A little prep before stepping out in the sun can make your sun bathing really relaxing without worrying about your skin! πŸ™‚

Top 5 Sunscreens For Oily Skin In India

Talking about sun protection, we have so many sunscreens available in India for different skin types! But finding something suitable for Oily Skin is a task itself and somehow over the years I have finally understood what products work for oily skin by trying a few, knowing others experience and all that!

Lets checkout some of the best sunscreens to use for all the Oily skin people!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block SPF 50

Price– INR 405 for 88ml Buy it from here

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

Personally I can vouch for this sunscreen lotion because I have sensitive skin & stepping out in the sun without a sunscreen results in allergies & the skin starts itching! The sunscreen is really suitable for oily skin & controls oil to a great degree while you are in the sun! I have noticed it gives a whitish cast to the face so apply it well before 15-20 minutes before stepping out so that the skin absorbs it completely!

Top 5 Sunscreens For Oily Skin

Lakme 9 To 5 Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50

Price– INR 560 for 30ml Buy it from here

Another sun block which I mostly use when I am wearing makeup & have to go out during the day! This sunscreen is really powerful & does protect your skin from the sun for as long as you are in the sun! The light texture is really impressive and its is easy to apply the makeup afterwards! You just need a very small amount of product to apply on the entire face! Keeps the skin matte & fresh looking!

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel Oil Control SPF 50

Price– INR 330 for 100g Buy it from here

This is  mainly a gel textured gel based sunscreen which is great for those with very oily skin! The sun makes the skin even more greasy so this gel based sunblock is perfect fit for all those people! The sunblock gets easy absorbed on the skin within a few minutes and you are all good to go out & soak the sunshine! Apply generously all over the exposed body parts!

lotus herbals sunscreen

This is exclusively formulated for all the normal & oily skin! So do check it out!

L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30

Price– INR 413 for 30ml Buy it from here

Yet another fabulous sunscreen for the oily skin is this one which is mainly an oil-free water based sunscreen which is light-weight and well suited for the oily skin! The consistency is thin and it is quite soothing to the skin when applied! The product gets absorbed quickly without any residue or white cast which is really great because most SPF products tend to give a white cast to the face!

loreal india products

The formulation is hydrating without making the skin too greasy and that is yet another reason to try it out! πŸ™‚

Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion SPF 30

Price- INR 256 for 100g Buy it from here

Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion with SPF 30 Review+sunblock lotion

This sunscreen is another one available in India and is quite effective in keeping the skin protected from the sun rays! It has a thick whipped consistency but is easy to apply and is absorbed by the skin quickly without making the skin shiny!

The sunscreen gives a matte looking finish on the skin after you apply it! It effectively filters the sunrays & keeps the skin safe from tanning however one should re-apply the sunscreen after every 90 minutes because that is the normal time you can continuously expose the skin in the sun! After this you have to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day for longer hours of exposure!

I hope you find these sunscreens helpful and if you still haven’t found your ideal sunscreen for oily skin, you can take these into consideration!

Have you tried any of these sunscreens before?



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