Top 5 Ways To Shop Makeup And Cosmetics In USA


 Top 5 ways to shop makeup and cosmetics in USA


Its the holiday season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday knocking at the door. If you are thinking to shop at Walmart, Amazon, Ebay or probably Target in your next visit to US(or you may be US too) then my friend this post is for you. When I arrived in US, I was pretty much excited for my first Walmart visit and spent some precious good amount of time at the makeup aisles. I learnt through friends, US bloggers and my own mistakes.


1. Coupons, Coupons & Coupons:

The key to save some good amount of dollars is to never step outside the house without checking coupons. This applies not only to Makeup/Cosmetics but also from Stationary(Michael’s) to grocery. Don’t be surprised when you end up saving 50% or more using coupons. To get coupons you either need to subscribe for Sunday newspaper or visit various coupons sites and take printouts. E-coupons are not accepted in most regions of US.


top 5 ways to shop in USA


Some coupon links for e.g.

2. Local drugstores:

If you are planning to pick up drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal, Covergirl etc. look no more beyond than your local drugstores such as CVS, Rite-aid, Walgreens. Almost all brands are on sale throughout the year with no exception. I have sometimes got a $15 product for less than $5 using the below formula. So plan and shop at your drugstore if you are on a tight budget.

Drugstore sales + Coupons + Rewards points = Almost free product.


top 5 ways to shop in USA drugstores


*Don’t forget to signup for the reward points before visiting your drugstores, else you might not be able to make use of the discounts. You can sign up online for the cards and no need to produce them at the counter, just the phone number would do.

3. Brand websites and brand stores:

I have to be a fool to not sign up for promotional letters from brands I like. The Body Shop USA, ELF cosmetics, Bath & Body Works etc. have major sales throughout the year and your should never buy these elsewhere if you need to save some serious cash.


4. Makeup speciality/large chain stores:

MAC, Clinique, Loccitaine etc have their stand alone stores and can also be found with other luxury brands such as NARS, Dior etc at Macy’s, Nordstorm and Sephora. Although these stores seldom go on major sales but they are worth the wait and effort.


top 5 ways to shop in USA luxury


5. Online shopping:

You might just go crazy if I start listing down all the links here. To start with ULTA, which is a perfect blend from drugstore brands to luxury ones is something you should never miss. Cherryculture gives some serious discount on Milani, Jordana and NYX products. Checkout Totalbeauty & HSN for some higher end brands. Almost every drugstore and brand have their online shopping site too.

One major problem with drugstore is that you cannot swatch the product, so be very sure of what shade you pick up. I have heard that you can return the product if you don’t like it but I have never tried it and neither plan to(I feel like its exploiting the drugstores). US also has many good options for sampling beauty boxes but that I shall leave out for another post.

Hope you liked the post, but don’t forget to share your US shopping experience as I am still learning and would love to get some inputs from you all.

Have you shopped makeup and cosmetics in USA?


P.S – Divya is the owner of Missenchanted blog and is currently in U.S. She loves books, photography and ofcourse has a huge passion for makeup.


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  1. I vl add some from my Experience

    1. U can return any cosmetics in 60-90 days in these stores- walmart, cvs, rite aid, walgreens, some ask for bill

    2. If u stay in U.S, try to shop in outlet malls, u vl get for cheap e.g- yesterday i visited nordstorm in outlet mall, urban decay brow box is for 10$

    3. If u have membership try in costco and Bj’s, u vl have good deals, but limited no of products

    4. Subscribe magazines for free like elle, cosmopolitan,teen vouge, glamour,etc, u vl get coupons in it.

    5. Check this sites, i always get good deals from this sites

    6. Try samples first then u can buy, u can get free samples from this site

    Hope, i helped a bit, more than cosmetics i have good knowledge on how to buy branded clothes,bags and accessories for less price

      • I agree… but being in California means you won’t get anything much at outlet malls.. things go off very soon. Rest US I have heard you can get good deals at Costco n Big lots.

        I have subscribed to Elle, Cosmo, Marie Claire but I never got any coupon 🙁

        Thanks Sravanthi.. that was some real info.

        • OOH i forgot biglots and dollar store, one can get some cosmetics for very cheap from them, seriously divya? 3 months back i got a coupon in cosmopolitan for maybellibne eye products-4$ off, 1 month back in teen vouge for covergirl products-3-5$ off, i dont remember exact amount, some times they give samples also, i like outlet malls in my last place New york state, now in my new place Dc, maryland and virginia outlet malls.

          • Is it 🙁

            Its been 5 months here and I have taken one year subscription for all three magazines. I think you get coupons when you buy it off the rack in shops.
            I too got few samples like olay and all but all were sachet ones 🙁 🙁 🙁

            Where you located ? Me in SF…

            • U know some thing, all the magazines I got subscribed for free, I think I vl get around 10 magazines every month, and I vl get samples and coupons them, I don’t buy from shop

    • Anna, yesterday i bought CK bag in there outlet just for 25$(after coupons and discounts), i think its good deal, check for coach bags also if any of ur friends coming to india

      • HI Sravanthi 🙂

        I have heard about Gilroy mall in San Jose… will be going the next week, I hear you get good discount on designer stuff but how good it is I don’t know 🙁

        • I stay in Gaithersburg,MD, its just 20 miles from Dc, actually sub urn of DC, while buying in outlets, be sure they are factory outlets, they have new stock, if not they have all left over stock from all there stores, next thing is go for outlets having bigger brands like CK, nautica, zara, etc, u vl get good deals, I got one CK jeans just for 20$, which u can’t get even in Hollister, originally it is 100$

          Next thing u shld keep in mind check for clearance section in big brands store, there they have some really good pieces, but only 1 for model, luck u if u have ur size

          Visit stores such as Saks fifth avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales where u can get really very high end brands for less, last time from Saks fifth avenue i got marc Jacobs jacket for 80$, orginaly 300$

          Never buy first in small stores, check in big brands stores first then go for others,else u vl pay same price for lower ones, instead of big brands

          Always go early to outlet mall, so that u vl have lot of time, bcz u can’t visit 300 r more stores in less time

          Have good food in home, and wear comfortable foot wear, so that u can try outfits easily, and have a water bottle in hand,else u r time vl waste searching for shop

          Before going to outlet, search online what stores are there, so that u can decide from where to start
          before going, search for outlet store sites coupons, and register into outlet site also u vl get coupons

          Immediately after entering into mall get map, else u vl b confused

          I think i helped u a bit, happy shopping, all u need is friend r hubby who have lot of patience

    • I browsed trough it many time, but never shopped… as when I googled the same product.. I got it for better discounts at drug stores themselves.

      But I always browse it once a week, since you can get some really good deals and coupons but not always :(. Overall a good site, one should always subscribe for mails and checkout products before doing online shopping.

      • There are few other websites like totally beauty and HSN… they come up with collective deals… like the Allure Winter 2013 box when you google you will find its for $53 and has full sized products for $399.

        It goes live on Nov 19 and you have to be really quick as they get sold out in an hour…..


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