Top 5 Ways To Use Cinnamon Powder For Weight Loss


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If you are aiming for some quick weight loss session without sweating out at the gym, you are at the right post. Nature has a solution for everything and that includes weight loss too. From green tea to lemon and honey water, we consume a number of things for being in shape and one of the major ingredients that we should go for is Cinnamon Powder. Cinnamon is dalchini in Hindi and is one of the basic spices in India under the Garam masala category. Other than adding flavour, this aids in weight loss. Here’s how!

cinnamon for weight loss

Top 5 Ways To Use Cinnamon Powder For Weight Loss:

cinnamon honey and water

Cinnamon Lemon And Honey: Add some cinnamon powder into your lemon and honey water every morning and have it to make your body toned and lose weight.

Cinnamon Water: During the day before every meal, have a glass of cinnamon water which helps to burn fat and make waistline slimmer. This also helps to control hunger which means no overheating!

Cinnamon Coffee: If you want to try an Indian version of coffee, sprinkle some cinnamon on it. It will give you a whole new flavour and will make the coffee Indian

protein shake with cinnamon

Protein Shake With Cinnamon: When you have your protein shake, mix some cinnamon powder into it which makes it super healthy. The flavour also makes it a bit interesting to taste.

Cooking: In India, we cook most of our meals with Garam Masala in it which is another way to have cinnamon on a daily basis. It is one of the three major constituents of the famous Indian spice and this is one of the best ways to have the spice.

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