Top 50 School Girl Hairstyles You Cannot Afford To Miss


Top 50 School Girl Hairstyles You Cannot Afford To Miss

Hello girls!

School time is probably the best time when there are no responsibilities & you can live your life to the fullest & have fun! And of course, you do want to look smart everyday, right? So, today we bring to you 50 different ideas to style your hair to look trendy & stand out in a crowd! Let’s get started!

Simple Ponytail: This is the most basic & easiest hairstyles to sport. Just comb all your hair together & tie into a neat ponytail. This is easy-to-do & is great for those busy mornings.

 Ponytail with bangs and poof

Half Up Half Down: For this hairdo, simply divide your hair into 2 sections. Then tie the upper portion into a ponytail & let the remaining hair loose open. This is common among school girls & is simple as well as stylish.


Basic Braid: A simple braid made by interlacing three different portions of hair is perfect for school girls. It does not consume much time either & looks neat too!


Side Braid: Moving forward from the simple braid which is tied at the back of the head, you can also try a side braid. It looks beautiful & trendy & is easy to do as well.

Messy side braid

Fishtail Braid: Take the regular braid to the next level with a fishtail braid. Once you get the hand of it, it is not that difficult to style. And it looks really pretty & feminine.

Side Rope Braids

Hair Wrapped Ponytail: Hair wrapped ponytail is another good hairstyle which school girls can try! Start by gathering your hair into a ponytail & secure with a band. Then take a strand of hair from the ponytail & wrap it around the elastic band. Finally, secure with a bobby pin & you are good to go!

Simple Side Ponytail: A simple side ponytail is very easy to style & looks really pretty. Instead of tying the hair at the back, you are now focusing on keeping them at the side. In addition, it adds a feminine charm too!

hairstyle review

Low Chignon: A low chignon is another great hairstyle for school girls. It keeps the hair well in place & gives an overall neat look.

 side swept chignon

High Ponytail: A high ponytail gives a fresh look & looks very cute. Just pull your hair backwards in a high ponytail & secure with an elastic & you are done!

 Side pony

Messy Ponytail: If you are bored of the regular ponytail, then you can also try a messy one! Work with your hair in their natural state & tie the hair into a ponytail. Finally, secure with an elastic. This comes handy on those lazy mornings & looks cute too!

Messy Fishtail: A messy fishtail braid is great for second-day shampoo hair! It keeps your hair well in place & makes you look stylish as well.

Fishtail braid with tiara

Twist & Tuck: Start by taking a small portion of your hair, twist it & secure with a bobby pin at the back of the head. You can either keep the rest of the hair open or tie them into a ponytail. This is again easy to do & does not consume much time.

Hairband: Hairbands are another common hairstyle sported by school going gals. If you have short hair, then you can go ahead with the headband itself. And girls who have with medium length hair or long hair, can sport the hairband while tying the hair into a ponytail.

cute hairband styles (4)

Ponytail With A Puff: Add an element of fun to your regular ponytail & try a front puff! A puff helps to accentuate the forehead & makes one look taller as well.

Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail With Bangs: Bangs look very stylish & trendy. To keep it low key, tie your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head & let the bangs fall naturally on the forehead.

jennifer lawrence ponytail

Milkmaid Braid: A Milkmaid braid looks gorgeous & adds a feminine touch to your overall look. Braid a section of the hair along the hairline & secure with bobby pins. Let the rest of the hair loose open & you are good to go!

pony tails for hail tutorial

Side-Parted Waves: Soft wavy hair look very girly as well as pretty. Rather than going for a center partition, go ahead with a side part & flaunt those lovely waves!

Beachy Waves

Side Parted Bob: Girls with short hair can try a side parted bob hairstyle. It is easy to style & looks cute too! But try not to go for a deep side part as it can be a bit too much for school!

Must Try Gorgeous Hair Styles For Short And Thin Hair -PIXIE WITH WAVES

Straight Hair With Bangs: You can also flaunt your bangs with simple straight hair! Let the hair loose open & the fringe fall naturally on the forehead. This would especially look good on girls with medium length hair or long hair.

Twisted Messy Braid: A twisted messy braid comes to the rescue when you are in a hurry to rush to school. Simply twist the hair into a messy braid & you are done!

twisted messy braid

Ponytail With A Twist: Start by making a ponytail & then divide it into two sections. Twist one section and wrap around the other section to create a twisted ponytail. This is easy to do & looks pretty as well.

Hair Wrapped Ponytail With A Puff: To add some more volume to your hair, you can try a hair wrapped ponytail along with a puff. It looks trendy & is easy to style as well.

beautiful puff hairstyles (10)

Wavy Long Bob: Long Bob or Lob also works well for school girls. It is easy to maintain as well as style. One can either go with a center part or a side part as per oneâ’s liking.

French Braid: A French braid looks great & keeps your hair in place. Moreover, it gives an overall neat look too! Although it might need some practice, but once you are comfortable, it would not take much time to style.

Wrap Around Braid: This is yet another cute hairstyle to try out! Start by tying most of the part of the hair into a low ponytail and make a braid from the rest. Now, wind the mini braid around the ponytail & you are done!

A Simple Low Bun: A simple low bun is great for those days when you are not in a mood to style your hair. Simply wrap them into a low bun & you are ready to head out!


Twin Ponytails: What can be more perfect & girly than twin ponytails. They look so cute & adorable! And, they are super easy to style as well.

Bubble Ponytails: Bubble ponytail is a great hairstyle for girls with long hair. It looks fun & gives a neat overall look.

ponytail long hair

Twin Braids: Twin braids look great on school girls. You can either make 2 simple braids or even go for 2 fishtails if you like!


Rope Braid: This is yet another fun way to style your hair! Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Then start twisting the hair in one direction. Next, wrap the two sections together to form a ponytail.

Double French Braids Into A Ponytail: Start by braiding the hair into two French braids & then gather them together in a single ponytail. You can either keep it at the back of the head or go for a side ponytail as well.

French braid

Play With A Ribbon: Have some fun & decorate the hair with a simple ribbon. You can make a simple ponytail or a braid as per your liking & tie it with a ribbon & you are good to go!

Simple Bow Hairstyle: This is an easy to do hairstyle & looks really pretty. Start by combing all the hair at the back. Then take a small portion of the hair from both the sides & tie them into a simple bow & you are done!

The Flip Tail: This is a great hairstyle for girls with medium length hair as well as long hair. First comb back all the hair into a low ponytail & secure with an elastic. Then push the band slightly downwards. Make a hole in the middle of the hair using your fingers. Finally, flip the end of the ponytail & pull the ponytail through.

A Ribbon Braid: Use the ribbon in an innovative way & make yourself stand out in a crowd! Include the ribbon in the process of creating the braid & you will be amazed at the final outcome!

Dutch Lace Braided Headband: This is a really cute hairstyle & looks lovely on school girls. Although it does take some time to style it, but it is totally worth it!

Thick & Wide Braid: Usually braids are meant to be tightly tied. But you can also make them wide by pulling out some distance in between to make them stand out. These braids look very pretty & unique.

French Braid Headband: You must have tried the French braid, now go ahead with a French braid headband. Take a portion of the hair & use them to create the band. Let the rest of the hair loose open. This looks very cute & beautiful.

Fishtail braided headband style

Ponytails With Front Fringe: You can pair the twin ponytails or fishtails with a fringe as well. These look cute as well as trendy.

Soft Curls: Curls look good on all hair lengths. The loose soft curls look pretty & are easy to manage too.

soft curls amazon fashion week

Blunt Bangs: You can also try blunt bangs to add some more style! And you have different options to style the hair whether tie them in a ponytail, keep them loose open or even go ahead with layers.

Kim Kardashian thick bangs

Simple Straight Layers: Layered hairstyles are always in style & look great! You can either go for subtle layers or deep layers as per your choice.

Half Up Half Down With A Puff: This is a sweet and simple hairstyle you can try out! Go ahead with a half-up half-down style & add a puff along with it. This is easy to do & looks super pretty.

Waterfall Braids: Waterfall braids are great for second day hair & look very pretty. Braid your hair sideways, letting a section drop every time you cross and then pick up a new one to pull into the braid.

Tuck & Wrap Ponytail: This type of ponytail looks great on school going girls. It gives a neat look & keeps the hair in place too.

Fluffy Fishtail: The fluffy fishtail adds more style to the regular fishtail braid. It looks very pretty & gives a fuller look.

Bohemian Braids: Bohemian braids look very trendy & you can give them a messy kind of look too! In addition, you can either place the ponytail at the back of your head or on the side as well.

Layered Hair With Bangs: Add bangs to the layered hair to make them much more stylish & trendy. Whether it is parted at the center or on the sides, both look great!

kim kardashian hairstyles bangs

Low Messy Bun: A messy bun works well for lazy days. Work with your natural hair & try a low messy bun. It is easy to style & looks elegant too.

side braid with low bun

Poker Straight Hair: Letting loose those poker straight tresses never goes out of style. It looks classy & fabulous. Also, you do not need much time to style it either!


Which of these hairstyles is your favorite?

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