Top 6 Bronzers Reviews and Swatches


Don’t we all love bronzers??? I know alot of us are yet to be introduced to them or are yet to experiment with them. But let me tell you they are a godsent! For those on the paler side, bronzers add an amazing amount of warmth to the face. For deeper skin tones, it helps uplift certain key features.
Plus…it helps contour the face and sculpt it. This the part I love most….I figure..if I cant slim down my body, i can atleast slim down my face! 😉 😉


Here are the top 6 bronzers we have reviewed here on WiseShe. Pls click on the titles for the full review.

Nyx Body Bronzer in Daydream Of Kauai

Get a gorgeous shimmering tan with NYX body bronzer. Step out of your house like you just came back from a tropical vacation!I had only shimmery bronzers that don’t give a very natural look so I desperately wanted to buy a non-shimmery, matte bronzer. So while I was surfing, I found this and ordered it without any delay. I was a little worried about the shade- whether it would be perfect for me or not; but this is the perfect one for me!!!

It makes me look prettier and enhances my features. I can use it for contouring, making my face look slender, or to give a tanned look!! All in all, I’m totally in love with it.

MAC Bronzing Powderin Matte Bronze

The shade is brown and just 2 shades darker than my actual skin color. Hence, this doesn’t look unnatural and I can even get away with lesser blending. This is a boon since with other darker contour powders I end up having to blend a lot more for a buffed out look.This powder is soft but firm. Hence, there is nil fallout and the powder is easy to blend out.

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

The bronzer is a sandy brown color and what I like best is that it has no orange tone like a lot of the bronzers we get here. This is an out-and-out brown without any shimmer to it. Hence, it can be used as a bronzer and for contouring as well. It extremely pigmented and very soft to the touch. A single swipe will bring off a huge amount of powder so its important to be careful to just dab the brush lightly in the pan. It does have a tiny bit of fall out due to its soft texture but it’s not too much at all and one need not worry about wastage.

Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Bronzer Review

The pan hold hearts in various shades in bronze…from the deepest brown to the lightest champagne color. The powder has micro shimmer infused which are easy to apply and don’t fall out. The pink heart is a pretty shimmer pink quite like its blush counterpart.This bronzer has commendable pigmentation and is not at all chalky. It’s super smooth and has a tiny bit of fallout as well, but not alarming.

Milani Powder Bronzer in Radiant

It’s a medium brown shade and would suit those on the fairer side or else it may not be too visible. The texture of the powder is very very soft and non-abrasive like a lot of bronzers I’ve used in the past. There is hardly any fall out and is easy to blend as well.This does have a decent pigmentation as required for a bronzer or for a contour shade. It is not overly dark and its pretty hard to over do it. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer in it, but nothing OTT, hence its safe to be used as a contouring shade as well.

The Body Shop Brush On Bronze Beads

body shop bronzing pearls
It comes with this soft sponge which no way helped me in contouring and now I use the sponge when I make use of the bronzer as a blush.I have used this bronzer in different ways like dusting it around my face to give it a soft warm glow .In winters I use it over my foreheads or whenever I want to give golden look to my self.I use it on my body and many times as a brow highlighter.

DO you have any of these gorgeous beauties??? And ae you planning to purchase any of them??

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    • well Pari, i sorta divide them into 2 purposes….i contour everyday and for this i use the MAC one since its matte and doesnt look too brown too be worn daily….and i luv the physicians formula one for a slightly satiny look 🙂

    • Well it depends on ur face shape… If ur face is slim then u cn use it in the hollows of ur cheeks…I hav a Lund face so I use it like I wud a normal blush…also Brush some at ur temples and ur jawline to create a bit f a shadow…do try it 🙂


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