Top Affordable Eyeliners In India


Top Affordable Eyeliners In India

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to talk about a product that is loved by one and all eyeliner. Every Indian girl loves a good eye liner and every Indian girl deserves a good eye liner. And the choices today are endless for us. Read Best Long Staying Gel Eyeliners. It might get overwhelming at times to decide which eyeliner to choose . And which one to let go. I am going to list down some of my most used and abused eye liners and also how to apply them. I mean the best application for them.

eyeliner application

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Priced modestly at INR 525/- this one is a favorite amongst beauty lovers across the world. And us Indian beauties love it too. I personally love and use gel eye liner the most as I have watery eyes and I love the matte finish and long wear I get out of gel eye liners.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Pro tip : If you are using gel liners, chances are you will need to buy Inglot Duraline. Its like a liquid which you can use to revive your gel liner. Gel liner gets dry but once you have this product handy then you can revive your gel liners any time.

L’oreal Gel Liners

loreal gel liner

If you are looking for colored eye liners then Loreal has some super pretty ones. I like the selection of colors and they are very long lasting.

Pro Tip:  A little bit of a dried out brown black gel eyeliner makes for a great brow product. I use my L’Oreal espresso eyeliner as my eyebrow pomade/gel liner to fill in my eyebrows all the time.

Lakme Insta Liner

lakme insta liner

Price: INR 110/-

The humble oldie but a goodie Lakme liquid liner is one of the oldest beauty product in India and we have all had it at some point. Though initially I wasn’t a fan of it, I have grown to like it. Thanks to my sister who persistently used this liquid liner, and I was always awed by the blackness and precision of this liner.

Pro tip: Remove the excess product from the brush tip to avoid a hot mess on the eyes.

Sugar Waterproof Liner

Sugar Waterproof Liner


Sugar cosmetics has wowed us all by their lip product s specially their vast range of liquid lipsticks, their latest offering in the form of eye liner has also not disappointed. I like this sleek packaging. The thin brush which makes it so user friendly and the best thing is the brush doesn’t pick up too much product so chances of a mishap are reduced considerably.

Pro Tip: Waterproof eyeliner can get clumpy so make sure to moisturize your lids .

Loreal Superliner

Price: INR 900

Loreal Superliner

This is one of my most preferred and most used liquid eyeliner. Its a felt tip and not a brush tip so it gives me more control. And I like the color pay off . Its available in high shine variant as well. Best iquid Eyeliners For The Winged Eye Look

Pro Tip: Keep the liner stored upside down to always have pigmented tip.

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner

nyx vivid brights eyeliner

Price: INR 700

If you love some fun bright color eye liners then look no further than these budget finds from  NYX. Fun colors to spruce up any look. These are nice and pigmented.

Indian wedding party makeup

Pro tip: Close the lid tightly and securely so as to not dry your liners.

NYX Super Fat Eye Marker

Price: INR 1025

nyx super fat marker

If you are a winged eye liner girl who loves to make her eye liner do all the talking, and want something that will make you apply the wing eyeliner quickly then this is the liner for you.

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Loreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner

loreal silkessme liner

Price: INR 575

I am not into pencil eyeliners, because most of them dry out after some time. Most of them not this one. This one is true to its name. Glides on perfectly use after use.


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Pro tip: Set your pencil liner with the same color eye shadow to make it last long.

NYX Slide On Pencil

NYX Slide On Pencil

Price: INR 825

True to its name these pencils are smooth and creamy and go on like a dream. They also come in few color choices which are very pigmented and potent.

how to apply winged eye liner

Pro tip: Spruce up your neutral eye makeup look by applying a hint of color on your lower lash line. Play with two different color eyeliners on top and bottom lash line.

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Colorbar Ultimate Eye liner

colorbar ultimate eye liner

Price: INR 550

Its an intensely black liquid liner . Also the tip is small and makes it easy to apply a thin eye liner, specially on the inner corner. Love this eye liner for the diverse eye line looks that are so easy to create using this liner.

Pro tip: Hold the liner parallel to your face when applying liner to the inner corner. It will help you achieve a very thin liner in the inner corner.

So these are my choices for affordable eyeliners available in India. What are some of your most preferred and used eye liners from the drugstore? Do let us know in the comments below.

Have you tried these affordable eyeliners before?


  1. I have tried so many liners as I am totally crazy for them but surprisingly I have not tried any of those in your compilation. Although soem of them like Nyx & Sugar are in my wishlist. Thanks for adding more to my wishlist:-)


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