Top Beauty Wonders From International Brands


Top Beauty Wonders From International Brands

We often discuss the products which are marvelous or are just not less than a discovery in the field of cosmetics but when you come to recollect it, we often lose sight of such wonders as they were either too distant for us to achieve or we thought not to trust them. But let me tell you, I have brought today a list of such miraculous products that have created their own place in the world of cosmetics and are known for their miraculous features

Let’s see what miracles these products hold for us

Color Changing Nail Polish

color changing nail paint

This is a superb invention which makes you apply one color on your nails while you are in side your house and turns to another color as and when the temperature changes. So, it means while you are in warm temperatures the color would be different and once you go out in cold, the color changes to something else. Isn’t it a cool way to experiment with your nail color?

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

bourjois magic nail polish remover

This is another mystical product in the world of nail colors. This is a nail polish remover which requires only your finger. You need not apply anything on a cotton blob and apply on your nails. Rather you need to dip your finger into the bottle and see it come out clean! Isn’t this a wonder in itself? I know how much time I need to remove or replenish my nail color and this certainly is a big wonder for me at least.

Hourglass Liquid Lipstick

hourglass lipstick

This is a bond lipstick if I could call it so. This does not fade away at any point and stays on even after you have had your cups of coffee, your food and are totally smudging your lips. An absolute revelation to the world of cosmetics I must say!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

makeup forever aqua seal

This product needs to be mixed with foundation or concealer or may be primer in few drops and it will make your makeup go waterproof. Can you beat that? I mean this is what we are always looking for. That the makeup stays even if we are subject to heat or rain or whatever.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler review

This brush is a true revelation for all you women with curly and tangled hair. This goes right into your hair and cleans the tangles effortlessly. It also serves as a scalp massager.

BeneFit Fakeup Concealer

benefit fakeup concealer

This is another product which would definitely be required by many of us. This concealer is said to be marvelous in the way it works as it cleans the under eye area with ease and makes you lose sight of those dark circles for long!

I am sure you are wondering where to get these products from. As most of these are required by us and would be our pain stake at all times. You can get access to these products through Amazon global website.

Have you tried any of these beauty wonders?

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