Top benefits of fasting on health and skin


I always think of fasting to detoxify my body but doing this needs strong will power which easily slips away when I see any mouth watering dish :P. I found a better way of fasting and keeping myself motivated which is by fasting during the festivals. Though initially I was interested in keeping the first and the last fast of navratri but when I saw one my neighbor doing it I too jumped in .When you have a group of friends who fasts with you or when few people in the family keep fast together then it is not that difficult to stick to the task.


Most of the girls do not believe in fasting as they think that fasting doesn’t help to maintain and increase their beauty but diminish it. Everything has its pros and cons and as I am fasting nowadays I would like to share my experience of fasting here and affects of fasting on skin and beauty.


I eat one time in the day and rest of the day its juices, fruits , butter milk, salads for me. I do not feel any kind of weakness as the fluids consumed supports my body from weakness and satisfy thirst and hunger.

During the absence of food body systematically removes wastage and clean every vital tissue. But we all have fears in our mind that fasting diminishes the strength of metabolism , protein, vitamins, minerals etc from the body and directly affect the body skin and hair.


Benefit of fasting is that it actually helps in clearing the skin and whitening the eyes. We do see some pimples during fasting time but this is the because of the cleaning process. It is common to see skin eruptions clean while fasting and whites of the eyes never look so clear and bright they do after a fast. Just after four day of fasting my skin has become more soft and silky and there are no breakouts at all.


Benefit of fasting on skin and skin care tips:- 


Many of us do not believe in using many skin care products during fasting .Everyone have their own rules and belief but I do use all my skin care products .Fasting is a good for skin care and to reap all the benefits I follow the my three skin care routine which includes Cleansing , Toning and Moisturizing(CTM). Whenever I feel hungry I drink at least 1 or 1 hand half glass of water .This detoxifies my body and reduces allergies and other skin problem..


I read in a magazine that those who fasts look beautiful even with their age and gets clear skin, rosier to their cheeks and shiny hair.I don’t know how true it is but I am feeling the difference in my skin after fasting for the first time.


Many of use face skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, rosacea and other skin infections problem. Many skin experts advise us to do fast and stay away from sweets and foods which contains fats. When we eat fruits( some even prefer eating nuts too) during fasting times, our body absorbs nutritive factors like proteins , vitamins and minerals lying in the fruits and nuts instead of other daily fatty foods and replace the new cell instead of cold.


Slowly as our body clean out  toxins, chemicals and food additives ,  you  can really notice a difference  by yourself.


Our hair and nails grows well during fasting .Few of us do face little hair fall and get scared but it is actually the opposite. Fasting helps in replacing the hair with some healthier hair .In the same way, the body will replace lost hair with more lustrous hair and lost finger nails with stronger sturdier nails.


People with weak and strong nails can find their nails more pliable and stronger after fasting.


Fasting is safe if we have fruits and vegetable juice, hygienic diet. A diet which is full of fruits and green vegetables is a great way to have luxuriant growth of hair, nails and shiny skin.


If I am able to do it then any one can. I am a person who cannot stay away from having chapatti/roti but when I am fasting in a group, lighting a 24 hour diya for seven days it automatically gives me motivation to keep it going.


P.S Happy navratri to every one

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  1. I'll fast on the last two days of the Navaratri. Though I fast every Thursday and yes you're so right!! Fast does help in case it's kept the way it is said.

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  2. Jiya I use to visit noida sai temple on thursdays and keep fast too..but now i dont..Noida sai temple is beautiful..i still remember the bhajan ..sai digambra running in my mind right now:)


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