Top Bollywood Celebrities & What’s In Their Bag?


Top Bollywood Celebrities & What’s In Their Bag?

Hello Ladies,

Talking about handbags today! I love them! Different sizes & shapes! Sling or a satchel! I cannot resist checking it out! And every time I scroll through various shopping websites for a handbag I just remember the quote “Life is short. Buy The Bag! ” and Tadaa! Its done! Even if you had just shopped for a handbag a week before! 😀 😉

bag with wallet

Well, we are just a bunch of people looking for simple moments which makes us happy or keep our spirits high! 🙂 The real deal is with our Bollywood leading ladies as they get to endorse, buy the most envious bags and are even gifted so many branded bags from brands around the world!

aldo bags India

Also, it is a certain thing with us to know about the Celebrities as to what brands they use, what products they swear by apart from whatever they endorse and what is actually in those designer high-end branded bags that they carry with so much ease & give us new goals each day!

Tommy hilfiger hand bag autumn winter collection

So, today we will know about the five top ladies from Bollywood & the bags they carry & what is actually inside their bags! 🙂


Anushka Sharma

She carries medicines, blister patches in her bag always to keep her safe from having a shoe bite while wearing new shoes for advertisements, photo shoots etc.

She also carries a cute little empty box to store her earrings, chains or bracelets when she has to go for a costume change! Anushka mainly carries an organizer bag as well in her handbag!

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mini case

anushka sharma backpack

She has her house keys, multiple rubber bands, tissues, paddle hair brush, pen, wallet, earphones, power bank!

In Cosmetics she has a Perfume, lip balm, a makeup kit which includes everything to do her entire makeup!


Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa calls her bag more of a necessity than a luxury for obvious reason because of the insides of the bag! It is like a pandora’s box with her phone as a must have item! She also carries a yoga book, wallet, a squeeze pack of coconut, almond butter for her hunger! A little note pad, muesli bar, almond seeds power bar, a mini hair brush, chocolate for her son, a pouch of mouth freshener which has jeera, saunf, ajwain in it!

shilp ashetty handbag


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mini notepad

Sunglasses, cuticle cream, perfume, hair clip, identification cards like Adhar, PAN, Arnica tablets, a lipstick, lip balm as her must have essentials!

Kangana Ranaut

The stunning Kangana carries many designer bags Dior being one of her favorites! She has her favorite shades, a wallet with her credit cards, detachable string for the bag to use it as a sling bag whenever she wants! Mouth freshening gums, a hand cream to treat her dry hands, a mini perfume bottle, a lip balm is a must, a mini clutcher, a Torm Ford pink lipstick!

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mini perfume

kangana ranaut handbag

She basically keeps the same things in her bag & keeps changing the bags often so it is easier for her to transfer her stuff easily without misplacing anything!

Prachi Desai

The first thing in her bag is her mobile phone, a mini makeup kit which has a compact mirror, a cream blush from NYX, a lip balm, wet wipes, sanitizer, hand cream, blister patches, mini hair brush, a mini perfume,few lip colors,  a mini case for my rings & jewellery etc.

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mini box

prachi desai handbag

Then she has her eye glasses, A book to read in long flights, a pack of cards! 🙂

She keeps a separate pouch for eatables like chocolates, mint, medicines, a Yoga Bar, green tea bag, coffee pack, jaggery for her coffer or tea!

Soha Ali Khan

She pulls out Vicks from her bag as the first thing! An agenda book for the year, her own recently published book! Cash, a pen, a mobile phone, she has her baby’s bib, a lipstick, an apple for her hunger pangs!

soha ali khan handbag

She has all these minimalist things in her bag just like us! She doesn’t carry any shades.

Taapsee Pannu

She is more of a free hand kind of person so she keeps her bags small or are sling bags! Inside her bag you can find out earphones, a cute pen, a hand cream, house keys, a wallet, her phone charger, & her phone!

taapsee pannu handbag

Checkout whats inside Anamika’s bag in the video below-



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