Top Eye Liner Tricks Any One Can Master


Top Eye Liner Tricks Any One Can Master

Eye liner is a simple makeup trick which can do a lot to make you look attractive from a plain glam look! Quite often women do not know more than one eye liner application trick and it works for them most of the time! But actually there are so many other ways in which one can apply a simple eye liner in different ways and give a glam look even if it is a daily affair! Makeup artists strive to create the innovative looks and have the perfect vision for any eyeliner trick that no matter what, this is going to hit the trends and is going to be popular!

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Well, we are no makeup artists in general and amidst the day to day activities, we hardly get time to go innovative with our eyeliner so we always look for simple eyeliner or makeup tricks which can be easily done by even a makeup novice and also it doesn’t require mastering!

So, here I have some eye liner tricks which are very easy but come with a twist and with this simple twist you can create a different eye look each time you wish to apply an eyeliner or an elaborate eye makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚

Colored Water Line-

It is not always about the kohl on the waterline! If you dare to wear eyeliner differently this is surely a great way to experiment! Choose a colored eyeliner which is smudge proof and water proof and with a soft hand apply a stroke of it on your water line leaving the innermost corner of the eyes! Tadaa! You will be surely told that you look attractive with this look!

classic winged eyeliner

Recreate combination outline-

Always make sure to experiment slightly with your eye look bu using a different combination of outline on the upper eyelids to see if it goes well with your look! Be creative and also let all the eyeliners in your stash get used differently for different looks! ๐Ÿ™‚

green metallic eyeliner coastal scents

Single Colored Upper Outline!

By far, this is one of the best and easy eye liner tricks I always go for as I rarely use eye shadows. I mostly stick to use mainly eyeliner pencils or creamy colored eyeliner! The single color of the liner just on the upper lash gives out a unique look. If you can hide those under eye circles this is going to make your eye looks really pretty. Also a hint of kohl on the waterline should do the needful!

Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner review

Glitter/ Sparkle Outline-

If you are off to a special even why not try something which speaks that you did get ready for this occasion. Do not stick to the casual makeup hacks for everyday look! Use a glitter or shimmer based eyeliner on the upper outline and with all the lights around your eyes will sparkle just how they should! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sleek glitter eyeliner review eotd steel

Dramatic Long Cat Eye-

There can be numerous ways to create a cat eye look. And this one looks more of the old Bollywood actresses eye makeup look where they used to drag the cat eye to a longer tail! You can use two shades of eyeliner. One which is a light version just to give a soft smudge and then complete the eye look with a full elongated cat eye look extending more towards the outer eye!

Neutrogena eyeliner twilight blue EOTD

Colored Eye Liner-

Well, this is yet another eye liner trick which you can try by simply applying a colored gel/ or creamy pencil eyeliner over the outline. Join towards the outer corner extending to only 1/3rd of the water line to prevent if from looking over!!


Smudged Eye Liner-

If you are not a great fan of sharp lines of eyeliner the use a soft stroke on the eyes and on the above eye lid. Smudge it with the help of an eye smudged brush to create a raw smoky look. It also gives a different look to your eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚


I hope you like these simple and easy to do eyeliner tricks for a different eye look for most occasions! Do tell which eyeliner look you absolutely love to recreate always!

Have you tried any of these eyeliner tricks?

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