Top Five Calorie Gainers: What to Avoid while Eating Out


Hello people! A lot of times I have been asked a very pertinent question – I am very aware of calories and avoid a lot of food, but really, I do not seem to lose weight, or I am gaining weight still. What am I doing wrong? Every day, we go out, and often or not, we also eat out. And when we eat out, we often tend to eat more and more and more.

things to avoid over eating out

Typically, those of us who are trying to gain weight should know one thing- calories make you fat. And your body needs to have more fibers in your system for it to work more intensely, and thus boost your metabolism. So, today, I am going to list 10 calorie gainers, i.e. culprits for us to identify and stay away. I will also suggest some healthier choices that will make sure you are eating right.

  1. FRENCH FRIES, ONION RINGS, ALOO TIKKI – each time I walk by the McCain’s stall, I am lured in by the French fries, and I think, how bad can it be? Honey, that’s 500 calories for each tub of fried goodness (about 100 gm. per serving). And yes, Alootikkis are really fattening, and do you know that onions are sweet because they have high sugar content?
  2. Salads with Pasta and Mayonnaise in it – Do you know how an average mayo is made? It’s an egg white beaten together with mustard, lemon juice or vinegar, sugar, and a LOT of olive oil going in it while it is being beaten up. Consequentially, a teaspoon of it is about 35-50 calories. Yes. I kid you not. Egg yolk fat, plus oil fat, plus sugar. Also, no, pasta is just a fancy form of noodles – i.e. MAIDA. Yet another great calorie hiker. Even the whole-wheat stuff contains high calorie levels. Stick to a vinegar dressing, and, even better, opt for a nice side dish, or a bowl of creamy soup rather than going for that pasta. It will be lighter, and far more satisfying than the salad, as hot food make you feel full much faster.
  3. Share the Dessert– one very common restaurant mistake that many make is that they order a whole dessert for themselves. Unless you are eating a single mithaai or something which is below 50 gm. in weight, (stick to one, please), it is a great idea to share your food. It is claimed that after the first three or four bites, your food stops mattering much to your taste buds, so why don’t you start a tradition of sharing the heavy dessert, to make sure you eat some to assuage your taste, but not enough to make it sit on your hips?

Share Your Desert and Half your Calories

  • Avoid Some Terms – if you are trying to lose weight, then here are a few terms that can be found in the menu you should stay away from. “Deep fried”, “Malai”, “Milk”, “Cheese”, “Creamy”, “Crispy” (because unless specified, crispy = deep fried), “crunchy” (same as crispy). Also, if you are not sure what is going in your food, feel free to ask the waiter. If waiter does not know, tell him you are allergic (or something to do with restrictions) and make sure he gives you the answers.

Control intake of sugar

  • Only One Carb PerMeal: This is very important. I have met many women who tend to eat potatoes, rice, dessert, chapatis all at one go. PLEASE, for God’s sake avoid this. Make sure that if you are eating carbs, then the quantity of it should not exceed 150-200 gm. and it should be sustained by at least equal amount of vegetables and about 100 gm. of protein. Vegetarian people should be more conscious of their protein content, and not just stick to milk, paneer and cheese to fulfill their protein quotient. Please explore avenues like tofu, grams, pulses, and soya nuggets as well.

Eat healthy Stuff with Less Creamy Dressings

I hope these simple ideas will help you in keeping an eye on the calorie count, and stop eating random food that contributes to gaining weight. You can always cheat once in a while, but never make it a habit or eat like that more than once or twice a month or so.

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  1. wwahhhhh u mentioned everything which i love to eat 😛 d only way i can keep check on my weight is exercise i caant live widout d first four 😀 😀

  2. U kno I know all f this but when I see all yummy wala fried khanna n desserts all my resolutions fly out d window 🙁 🙁 ill Neva b thinnnn!


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