Top five popular anti aging skin treatment

By Gunjan,
Our skin experience many changes through decades.Fine lines near the corner of mouth and eyes which start appearing in thirties and some times in even twenty too.In our late thirties we experience problems like crow feet, frown and forehead lines.The upper lip starts shrinking which is quiet visible in our fifties and finally in sixties we have our jowls age spots and broken blood vessel.
Many dermatologists believe that if our skin is given adequate protection then it can repair  the above damages by thirty percent
Even if we stay at home ultra violet rays surrounds us and therefore it is always recommended to wear moisturizer which has sun protection.When we are exposed to sun light it produces free radicals and therefore a we find  a new trend which has been initiated nowadays by many companies which is vitamin E and Vitamin C in out moisturizers.Pollution, smoking and ultra violet rays  produces inflammatory reactions in the cells and therefore by using skin care products which contains anti inflammatory ingredients helps in preventing skin damages.
Below are some tips which can help in slowing down the aging process:-
1.Stop smoking-Smoking not only damages our lungs but our skin too.Women who smoke generally suffers from problems like rough skin, etches lines around the mouth and excessive dry skin.
2.Vitamins or Vitamin supplements in our diet combat skin aging and free radicals.So if you want to beautiful from with in which ultimately will show on your face then include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet.
Some of the good source of vitamin A is spinach, carrots and broccoli.All  these three fruits helps in repairing out skin tissues.
Vitamin C helps in maintaing a good immune system and is required for collagen production.
Vitamin E  is an anti-oxidant which helps in normal growth and development.
Sleep-Taking eight hour of magical sleep is the best beauty treatment .This is because when we don’t sleep out body diverts blood away from the skin to the essential organs.This gives fatigues look to our face.
3.Collagen treatment-I am not sure about this but many of my friends have taken collagen treatment in which lines and wrinkles is injected with collagen which is extracted from animal sources.This is done by a professional and it is quiet famour anti aging treatment which is needed after every 3-12 months.
4.Retin -A-This treatment is also know as tretinoic acid .It is basically an acne treatment which stimulate the growth of new collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.This treatment still needs government approval and therefore it is stritcly not recommended for women who are at a child bearing age.
5. AHA skin Peels/Chemical peel-This skin peels are extracted from sources such as apples, grapes, lemons and passion fruit, milk and sugar.When it is applied to the skin it act as a skin peels.Dermatologist generally use stronger solution for immediate effects.Though these products do need at least one or two months to give good result.
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  1. I use to have amla one and half year back now i like lemon and oranges..i guess i too should switch..:)

    its cleans the stomach also nicely which improves digestion and increases skin glow.

  2. Rentu..i chopp carrots, beand, paneer and then saute them..add some soya sauce, too..this way i have nutritious and healthy recipe which fulfills my vitamins requirement too.


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