Top five remedies to remove red scars/acne scars

                                                                       acne scar
Having oily skin is not bad because oilier the skin lesser will be the wrinkles. Happy to hear that 😛 .Well I am sure you must be but thing is oily skin deals with acne every day. I too have suffered from acne problem and still suffer from them but thankfully I do not suffer from blemishes. This is because of some of the remedies which have worked for me and some just worsened the problem. The worst thing is acne scars. When we get rid of the pimples we have another unwanted guest at home which as acne scarring. Acne scarring is horrible because it is difficult to take scar treatment every now and then .
To get rid of scars one should continue with their regular CTM (Cleansing, toning and moisturizing) and follow some scar removal methods.
Red scars generally take place when we pick up acne blemishes, scrapping or from illness like chicken and small pox. There are many acne scarring treatment such as dermabrasion, micromabrasion, collagen injection and laser treatment .However I am just aware of them but have never used them. These methods can give long term side effects and therefore I am dead scared of them.
My best acne scar treatments are my herbal remedies which remove blemishes and red scars without any side effects. Below are some of the natural remedies which have worked me in acne scars and red scars.
1. Calamine lotion
It reduces redness and dries up blisters which are caused by chicken pox or acne. You can apply calamine lotion 2-3 times a day .If you have to go out and you want to remove redness from your face then dip a cotton swab in the lotion and dab it over the affected areas gently. Leave it for two hours and rise off with water .It reduces redness in scars and you can then go ahead with your make up if you want to.

2. Cucumber juice

is beneficial on scars too. Just apply the juice with a cotton swab on the affected areas. It reduces redness and acne scars. You can do this 3-4 times a day .It really helps.
Take 2-3 tsp. baking soda , mix water in it and form a paste. Spread the paste on the red scars and wait for around 2-3 minute for the paste to settle down. After this massage the paste with your finger tips for a while and rise with water. Baking soda reduced scars as well as acne.

4. Olive oil

Applying olive oil gives boost to the skin and keeps it hydrated. Rubbing olive oil on to the red skin or scarred skin twice a day helps in getting rid of this skin problem. Those who suffer from acne scarring most of the time can use olive oil every alternate day. It not only removes scars but make it healthy and soft too.
also removes acne scars as it contains potassium , sulphur phosphorous and chlorine and yes please use raw potato and not the boiled or roasted one because one of the Wise She readers asked me this therefore mentioning it before hand.
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  1. Some times there are products which doesn't works for some and work wonderfully for others..for example honey…i know so many things about honey but it hardly works for me:(
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  2. Hey Dear..just grate 1 cucumber sqeeze out the pulp and u will have half glass of cucumber juice for you..kilo ki jarrorat nahi hai madam 😛
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  3. hey anamika, i read a article yesterday. but i cant find it anymore 🙁 it was something with mix rose water + glycerine + lemon juice. and apply it on face before going to sleep! so i remember this part and i forgot the quantity of products. will u plz help me 🙁

  4. I swear by cucumber & potato! My mom's hand got burnt while cooking & we applied potato & cucumber slices often & the marks went visibly smaller & lighter. I have a combination+ sometimes sensitive skin, Anamika can I use lacto calamine ?

  5. ohh yes Uzma..use Lactoclamine infact i think i will do a post for lactoclamine today..for all types of skin..lactoclaimine suits all skin types..
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  6. hi anamika,
    this is the 4th time m writing this…gawd..
    ok neways.. hows u n ya rly like ur post.. u kwn recently ive been gettin a lot f pimples on ma left cheek leavin behind ugly wil definitely try the above tips n let ya knw how well it wrked for me k..

  7. Uzma i am from Delhi where humidity is it is level best..i enjoy the weather here so much..:)
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  8. after reading your product review i hav bought
    biotique saffron moistrizer
    my is skin is dry as i hav already told u
    is it good to use lacto calamine over this moistrizer before going outside in sun and dirt
    as the product lacto calamine claims it protect from dirt …………………….. B)

    bcoz i dont hav any type of acne and red scars problm………

  9. u r a real life saver Anamika. Lacto calamine doesnt suit my skin bt rest all i cn use. one more thing does baking soda suits everyone.
    I am having a interview on friday please tell me something that can reduce or help me in looking better as i have got lots of acne scars these days.

  10. I swear by cucumber & potato! My mom's hand got burnt while cooking & we applied potato & cucumber slices often & the marks went visibly smaller & lighter. I have a combination+ sometimes sensitive skin, Anamika can I use lacto calamine ?

  11. Hey…sorry i went for a walk…..yup i m here…give me yur email id i will add you..
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  12. Do this and see the result 🙂

    Take Neem leaves and rinse them under the flowing water. Make a paste of these leaves and put in a wet clothe. Squeeze the cloth and take out the neem juice from it. Apply this juice in morning and evening every day. If possible drink 1-2 tsp of juice daily.

  13. hy hi
    actually its ma marriage in a week…and ma hard luck is m gtng acnes and dy r leaving red marks…actually m very fair so dese marks are preety mr and mr visible whch is nt at all adorable..wat shud i do..plz help me…

  14. HI… My skin is oilyy … i have an acne prob.. 🙁 and red scars as well …. what should i do to remove these….. please helpp me….. also suggest something for glowing skin…. awaitingg at the earliest … with good infoo… thanksss :-))

  15. hi…i m having acne problem since last 1 and a half year
    i care so mch for them but they jsst dont go..
    its becoming difficult for me to face myself….i hav red marks left behind all over plus the acne also havnt stoppd…
    m 23, pleezzzz help me out dere…
    i really need ur advice 🙁 😥

  16. guys everytime sunlight hits my face my pimple marks gets red.
    how can i remove this red acne marks in a natural way?

  17. hi i am having pimples and black mark and i am black too my skin type is oil pls help me to remove my pimles ,black makers and become bright


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