Top Hair Styling Mistakes You Are Making


Top Hair Styling Mistakes You Are Making

Our hair tends to go a lot just as the skin as both of them are directly exposed to the surrounding and owing to the fact that the increasing pollution and climatic extremes, the texture of hair and skin doesn’t always remains pleasant and both the skin and hair start behaving weirdly!

Well, talking mainly about hair texture, the sun, dry climate during winters, dust and grime make the hair prone to damage and also the increasing dandruff problem makes the hair look worse! And for this we often tend to use so many hair care products and style our mane in various ways to keep them healthy and naturally beautiful even when you have not styled them perfectly!

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Here, I would like to list some common hair styling mistakes which tend to give a hair texture much opposite to what we wish for!

Skipping Blow Drying-

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Well, most of you must have read or heard about people saying that blow drying actually is not good for hair and that it tends to make your hair dry and frizzy and not as smooth as your natural hair is! Turns out this is not the truth! In fact, speaking about my own experience I have always felt and experienced that my hair is more manageable when I blow dry my hair and then head out instead of a natural dried hair! Yes, it sounds strange but you got to try the trick! Of course excess blow drying and not compensating it with regular hair oil massage or deep conditioning hair masks will make your hair dry! But naturally dried hair is nowhere close to being healthy always and it is also prone to damage!

Straighten Hair To Eliminate Tangles-

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I had always this thought in my mind that straightening damages the hair and always maintained a safe distance from the straighteners however convincing the television commercials appeared to be! Well, now that I have a straightener and i am always using it, I felt pity for my hair for being ignorant for so long! 🙁 It is such a great way to de-tangle your hair by straightening and the effect of straightening stays until the next wash and you have smooth manageable hair and you do not see more than 2-3 hair strands in the hair brush! Which is absolutely normal! 🙂

Relying More on Dry Shampoo-

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Dry shampoo being the latest fad in stores right now have created a buzz that they can keep your hair beautiful always no matter you apply it thrice a week! Come one! Dry shampoos are no where the regular use products and comes handy as a quick hairstyle hack when you literally don’t have time to wash your hair and style it properly! It is not a product you should use on a weekly basis! Keep it for only emergency occasions!

Using hair serum on a daily basis-

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Hair serums are definitely good for hair and can turn frizzy. unruly hair to smooth and shiny gorgeous locks! But it is always a good idea to keep switching few hair care regime and let the hair adjust accordingly! Too much serum will naturally make your hair a tad oily and the scalp will be greasier making the hair look oily most of the times! Use it on every alternate day and that too in a minute quantity!

Skipping Hair Conditioning treatments-

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Just because you have not colored your hair or not using too much of styling products on your doesn’t mean that you are eligible to skip the weekly or fortnightly deep conditioning treatment of the scalp which is essential to restore the lost moisture from the scalp due to excessive heat styling or exposure to sun! Make sure you apply a hair mask every weekend so that you have good hair days most of the time! 🙂

I hope you like these hair styling notions right and start doing the right thing if till now you have been doing it wrong all along! 🙂

Have you been doing these things right?

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