Top Intentions You Look Forward To In 2016


Top Intentions You Look Forward To In 2016

New Year resolutions are not everyone’s cup of tea. Many of us resolve to get fitter, richer, punctual and what not but how many of us succeed? Last year you promised yourself to learn a new language but did you? When our resolutions are not fulfilled we feel let down by ourselves which does nothing to make us happy.

There is nothing wrong in trying to fit in smaller sized clothes and striving to earn more but I don’t think that it’s right to put all our expectations on the New Year. In my view we should focus on happiness, firstly our own and then those dear to us and then move on to bigger causes. So people! It’s time to take care of your happiness. I’ll tell you in really simple words that what achievements should be on your To Do list in 2016

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Your Own Space

This is really essential girls! Try to find some time just for yourself. You can read, write, sing, dance, draw, run or just sit calmly in that time. If its not possible to sneak out some me-time daily, make it a weekly activity. This will help you in knowing yourself better and you will be able to figure out what you want to do next. Our lives are quite chaotic and some personal time is the ultimate luxury.


Because why not? Retail therapy definitely makes our happy hormones surge 😛 Whether we buy a scarf or an eye shadow palette the feeling is same. I am not asking you to go out and blow all your money in the name of pleasure but keep gifting yourself little things throughout the year. No need to wait for special occasions. OK, if you have a few dimes left, buy something for your husband/boyfriend too.

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Whether you are single or not, be ready to mingle! I mean- be social. Attend events and talk to people. You will learn a lot of new and interesting things. Staring at your Smartphone all the time is not healthy anyway whether its physical or emotional. Mingling is fun and afterwards you can judge those people while gossiping with your bestie  :evilgrin:

New Friends

You sure have a few people that you call friends and yes you have your BFFs too but do not limit yourself to just 5-6 odd people. While you are mingling, I am sure that you will come across interesting people. Make a little effort and if they too seem keen, there can be chance to start a new friendship. More friends, more fun and more people to share your life with!


Style is a very personal thing and each one of you has a distinct personality. Stop following every trend that you see and develop your signature style. Pick things that you feel comfortable in and this does not mean wearing baggy clothes all the time. Like maxi dresses are trendy but if you do not like wearing them or they do not suit your body type, there is no need to wear them. And yes, personal style can save you a lot of money as you will not buy every piece that’s fashionable.

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Stay Connected

Firstly, I am not advertising any mobile network! When I say, make new friends, I do not want you to forget the people who have importance in your life now. Make calls, send messages or meet them. This will make not only you but also your loved ones happy. Plan close get-togethers, not noisy parties sometimes. Just sit back and catch up on each other’s lives.

Spread Cheers

Staying happy is vital for you and giving is also a form of happiness. Do some charity, however small! You can feed a stray animal or teach your domestic help or anything that you feel can bring some positive change in another life. This will be the coolest thing that you can do in new year.

What are your Top Intentions to Look Forward To In 2016?

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