Top Lip Glosses To Stock For Fall


Top Lip Glosses To Stock For Fall

Okay, so I am in the process of collecting myself a set of lip glosses for the Fall season. I thought to share them with you as well. Here are my top selections that would find place into my vanity this year. I have already bought a few and plan to buy the rest as well. Hope you like them too.

Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss Shades

I am in love with this brand. All 8 shades are too good to resist and I am already in ownership of 4 out of these. And my to-do list has the rest of the 4 to be bought! 😀


All shades are perfect for the winter season when we are worried about chapped lips and pigmentation less look of the lipsticks. They lend a glass like finish to the lips and you are definitely leaving others enchanted with your perfect lips.

Price: INR 675


Shades – Cherry Sheen 005, Pink Echo 004, Coral Embrace 007, Brown Sheen 008,Pink Glass 003, Nude Light 002, Red Glass 001 and Rose Perfect 006

The texture of these shades is just like one would prefer – neither too heavy nor sticky. The shades are all different and unique which match most attire you prefer in winters. They go well with dark and light colors of clothes as well as complexions.

Kryolan Lip Gloss

Kryolan’s 18 lip gloss colors are definitely not far behind other brands in providing the best lip glosses. All the shades are very much in sync with today’s women and their dire need to have perfect lips. The colors offered are all different and provide sheen to your lips for a good amount of time during the day.


The texture is non-sticky and hence perfect for the fall season where you are already sick of applying sticky stuff like creams and lotions.

Price : INR 250


Shades Transparent, White Gold, Dark Yellow (Shade 6), Silver, True Red, Baby Pink (shade 2), Pearl,Natural Pink (shade 3), Pink, Glitter Pink, Glitter Red, Dark Nude (Shade 1), Mauve Pink, Bing Cherry, Nude Pink, Little Gel B.

These are all suited to all skin types and one may choose one shade lighter to their skin tones as these shades provide a sheen which matches your complexion.

Inglot Lip Gloss

Inglot has brought to the table, some creamy textured lip glosses which are kind of different from lipsticks as well as lip gloss. These are not very shiny but provide a good coverage to your lips and are high on pigmentation.


Price: INR 650 to 750

Shades–27 colors in pink, fuchsia, orange, red, nude, peach etc.


The texture is mostly creamy and easy to apply. All the shades are very much different. The brand offers shades for all complexion types and do not lead to any disappointment.

NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss

I belong to the school of thought which says that peach is an evergreen color which can go well with any kind of dress and season. All you need is a compatible complexion. I am personally in favour of this very gloss this season. Not to say that I don’t like the rest of the shades but this is my must have for the season!


I hope you like these shades too! Enjoy every bit of the season with perfect lips and that perfect smile!!

Have you tried any of these stunning lip glosses?

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