Top Lipsticks To Choose For Various Moods


Top Lipsticks To Choose For Various Moods

Lipsticks are the perpetual obsession for every woman be it anyone or any age group! Lipsticks are pure love for women and no one can dare a woman talk against using less lipstick or anything of that sort unless the person has suicidal tendencies! :-p

We often talk about how makeup as a whole defines one beauty and also gives a signature look to different women doing their makeup in a set pattern! I may be the one who likes to apply the kohl pencil itself on the upper eyelids while some consider it as a makeup offense and stick to use an exclusive eyeliner only!

Well, yes makeup does determine a person’s attitude and outlook towards beauty! But let me tell you that even if you do not go with a full fledged makeup look even then there can be various conclusions on your temperament and general belief or approach to being beautiful!

The makeup item which best depicts someone’s mood is surely the lipstick. I know the eye makeup strongly governs similar thoughts but without a lipstick, it looks absurd but if you only apply a lipstick and nothing else that becomes a different version of yours!

So, here I have some of the best lipstick shade which best describe the mood variations of a woman! 🙂

Bold & Energetic-

The name itself depicts as to a bold and beautiful shade in hot blazing red or orange which needs a lot of poise and stance to carry effortlessly and elegantly!

mac chilli lip swatch


Fun & Lively

This calls for a stunning hue in fuchsia or medium pink which speaks the carefree easy going attitude of a woman and she plays it safe with a perfect bright color in pink!

wet n wild fuchsianista lip swatch

Colorbar Classy Pink Swatch

Lazy & Casual

You can easily depict the mood with the lip color and it has to be a nude peach or light baby pink neutral shade for a hurried, ‘don’ care’ kind of mood! Well, if its paired with a smokey eye makeup then, get your facts checked the woman is here to shine with her sensuous looks!

lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick swatches

colorbar sheer creme lipstick beach glow fotd

Mysterious & Dramatic

When a woman wears such lipstick there is a look of mysterious aura involved behind her unusual look which makes her the center of attraction for many! The deep wine shades give the perfect vampy edge without making her look vampy at all!

nyx high voltage lipstick feline s16 swatch


Love & Romance-

Well, these are the shades which she chooses for her perfect evening with her soulmate and that is got to be perfect and most natural which makes her look naturally gorgeous with the enchanting lipstick shade.  🙂

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 310 Back To Fuchsia.

Well, this is all I think! If you are wondering what lipstick will a woman wear if she is angry?? I will say better not ask her because all she would do is to lay back in her Pjs and tie her hair in a messy up do and won’t give a damn about a lipstick or anything for that matter! :-p 😉

Which of the moods do you live up to?

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