Top Makeup Products Which Never Leave The Market


Top Makeup Products Which Never Leave The Market

Makeup has evolved a lot in the last few years. Now it has its reach to every nook and corner of the country. The brands which were considered to be highly reputed for the metro cities have made their way to many other small cities. Just to pave a path for makeup enthusiasts to indulge themselves in more makeup! Girls who strictly refrained from using makeup thoroughly until their marriage are now using it freely in their early teenage years and there has been no looking back!

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Well, as the makeup trends change every season just as the fashion trends there are some of the cult favorite products which simply don’t get affected. Be it any upcoming trend in the makeup world. These continue to attract makeup addicts towards themselves. These products are just re-vamped and re-launched by most of the brands because of the immense popularity!

Lets have a look at some of those makeup products.

Makeup Brushes

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Since the advent of the basic makeup tools, there has been tremendous popularity for high end makeup brushes among makeup lovers. More people are willing to invest in these makeup luxuries at all costs. The growing popularity certainly forced top makeup brands to manufacture and introduce makeup brushes which are targeted for specific makeup tasks.

The best names being Real Techniques, Coastal Scents, MAC Cosmetics etc.


Colorbar No Fuss Emery Tipped Cuticle Stick

The q-tips which are popularly known as ear buds are necessarily a part and parcel of a woman’s vanity without any doubt. The eye makeup comes out to be flawless because of this magical tool. It was mainly innovated for a different purpose but comes handy for a completely different makeup trick.

Read Seven uses of Q-tip to make you look beautiful

Colored Kohl Eyeliner

Loreal Cobalt Blue Silkissime Eyeliner EOTD

When colored kohl eyeliners hit the makeup stores, it was assumed that people will get over with the trend eventually. Well, these may not be in demand but seems that the brands have understood how the eye makeup lovers have become fond of these colored kohl eyeliners. And almost every brand is launching the colored kohl eyeliners to meet the demand.

Some of the famous ones are Loreal Gelmatic Super Liner, Lakme Eyeliner, Rimmel London Kohl Kajal Pencils etc.

Revlon Eyeliner Pencil 15 Aqua Blue

Compact Powder

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When Lakme compact powder was launched it was a huge hit several decades back. There were few who actually believed that the compact powder will come out to be the tremendously popular product for every women. Nowadays there are compact powders in every brand available. They are in budget price along with some of the expensive ones as well.

Some of them are Lakme, Rimmel London, MAC, Loreal etc.

Lipsticks & Lip Liner

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Lipsticks and lip liner have wooed the Indian women to the maximum. There is nothing that will ever replace these makeup products. A woman may not have most makeup items but a lipstick or a lip liner is a bare necessity for her makeup regime and so these makeup items always find their way back to the stores at the time of new launches.

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Liquid Foundation

There have been several types of foundations introduced in the market ranging from mineral foundation, mousse foundation, cake foundation and so on but liquid foundation always remains to be the cult favorite among women due to the universal suitability and ease of application and blending!


Ulta Super Stretch Fiber Mascara Jet Black

A mascara is certainly a magical wand for the Indian women who loves to do eye makeup! Well, this is certainly not going to get out of the stores anytime soon and will continue to be one of the largely popular makeup items for Indian women.

Well, for me these awesome makeup products are simply permanently launched every now and then by the brands and so these find place in the vanity of several women increasingly each year! 🙂

Have you tried these makeup products?

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