My Must Have MAC Brushes Reviews & Opinion


 I am a hoarder of makeup brushes.You show me a different shape or a handle and I will buy it.I right now have Sigma, Coastal scents, Body Shop , Vega , Faces and those cheap chinese brushes too 😀 ..A good brush make a lot of difference MAC hands down is a winner in all respect.Reason  is that MAC brushes are denser than any other brand and no other brand bristles have the same quality. A close competitor I would say will be Sigma but many of their brushes handle are heavier than MAC .

I am listing down some of my MAC favourites here .You can click on the individual link to read the detail  reviews.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush

 It’s a great brush to add color to corner of your eyes and for outer V and heavy crease work.

must have MAC brushes

MAC 239 Eyeshader Brush 

Its a must have brush for packing the colour on the lids.It works equally well for eyeshadows and pigments.


MAC 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush

This is a limited edition brush and I love it to the core.MAC 222 can be a good option from permanent range.If you have small eyes then you are going to love these but in my opinion  217 is little too big for small eyes.


MAC #187 Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

 This is a great brush for foundation lover .It gives even finish and makes your foundation looks completely natural.

must have MAC duo fiber brushes

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush

 I loooove 188 and can’t thanks Rashmi enough for bringing it for me .Be it creamy blushes or highlighter it makes the job so so easy.You will never go overboard when using this.If you have to chose between 187 or 188 I will recommend 188 because it is cheaper     and you will need just 2-3 minutes more  while using it.

MAC 188 SMALL BRUSH REVIEWS+Powder brush reviews+MAC 187 fiber brush review

 Brush which I won’t recommend is MAC 190 foundation brush although it was my first MAC brush but with time I realised that It takes lot of time in applying foundation and drinks foundation a lot.I now use it for concealor application that too occasionally.

 MAC 190 foundation brush reviews+MAC BEST MAKEUP BRUSH REVIEWS

Only brush which is missing from my collection  and is a must have is  MAC  208 Small Angled Brow Brush which I will be buying in 2013 🙂

What’s your must have MAC brush ?

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  1. Wow! U have such an impressice collection Ana! :inlove: Would love to see ALL of ur brushes in one post. I would probably faint or have a heart attack…but it’ll be so worth it! :cute:

  2. Nav, lakme n The body shop have brushes where u dont have to pay for shipping 🙂 But their selection is very limited 🙁 Btw Vega professional range is good too

  3. Lovely collection A.. I so want the bulb wala bush..i think it’s d 168 or time…if I dnt get side tracked by d blushes 😉


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