Top seven workouts for weight Loss

 By Pratima Rao,

Physical exertion is termed as ‘exercise’. Physical exertion and  a balanced diet go hand in hand to maintain & reduce weight.
To lose the excess weight you need to tone up your body and get slim. This gives the body more energy and  keeps you fit.
You may opt for any one or a combination of the following workouts. Also consult your doctor on type of workouts fit for you based on your medical condition.
 Gym workout
 You can either become a member of a reputed gym or set up one at home.
·         The most common one is the treadmill. Know its safety features before you begin. Initially begin at a slower pace. Beginners can hold onto to handrail until they get a hang of it. Then gradually increase to a comfortable pace. To stop reduce the speed until the belts stop. You can select the incline option but do not hold onto the handrails as it could lead to injuries. 
Treadmill is a simpler form to do a cardio.
·         Weight Training helps tone up the body. But they should be done under the guidance of a personal trainer till you get the hang of it. Also do not do weight training for more than 3 times a week. An important point to be noted is to bend your knees when you lift weight off the ground to avoid back injuries.

Swimming to lose weight

 This is a fun way to de-stress & lose that weight after a hectic day. Alternate between different styles of swimming. Swimming builds muscles while reducing weight. So many have complained they seemed to have gained weight after swimming! Nevertheless, it can be accompanied with other forms of exercises.

Dance aerobics  
: Aerobic exercise is a physical activity which requires your heart & lungs to work harder. Dance aerobics can increase blood circulation & lower cholesterol levels. They can range from low intensity to high intensity exercises. All sessions start with some warm-ups. Simply choose your favourite dance number & dance!

Beginners be sure to learn aerobics, swimming or workout at the gym under guidance from experts. They would be aware of the right postures or the type of workout that would best suit your physique.
Walking to lose weight

While some have benefited from dance aerobics many have not found much difference in their weight. I used to do dance aerobics earlier and  found a very slight reduction in weight. Then I switched to fitness walk & there was tremendous progress!

 To walk is a simplest, easiest & most effective form of aerobic exercise to lose weight & keep fit. This can be adopted by people of all age groups young & old. Only difference would be the difference in the stride adopted based on one`s physical condition. All you need are a pair of comfortable walking shoes. This form of exercise can be adopted even when you are on a holiday. 

Walk for at least 30 mins initially & gradually increase the time to may be an hour. The body starts to shed those extra kilos only after the initial 20 mins. Walk in your own garden or in your neighbourhood park instead of place of heavy traffic.
Benefits of walking : Improves muscle tone, reduces blood pressure & bad cholesterol & conditions the heart. These are just a few out a host of other benefits!

Walking  or Jogging/Running

Experts are now beginning to caution against adopting jogging/running as a life time exercise. The body was not built for running and ; doing so will lead to injuries. The safest way is a brisk walk.

Start your walk at a slower pace and then increase to a brisk walk & back to a slow-medium pace as your near the end of your stipulated time. In case you want to walk after meals, do not do a brisk walk but instead a short relaxed stroll should be okay.

A correct posture is very important. Walk with your back straight, do not bend or lean forward and keep your eyes focused forward. Keep your arms relaxed andsway as per your body movements. Swing arms from your shoulders and not just the lower arm. Do not lift your arms above the shoulder level. Keep your elbows at right angles. Never drag your feet.
A morning walk will make your body gear up for the day ahead while giving you the required stamina and energy. An evening stroll is a time to think pleasant thoughts, sort out the events of the day and  find answers to any crisis. I tried it & I actually get a host of wonderful ideas when I walk!
Playing to lose weight
You can set aside Sundays or few evenings to catch up with your friends over a game of squash, shuttle, badminton. It is a nice way to unwind while toning your muscles. But remember to take necessary precaution (such as using the right equipments) to avoid injuries.
Power yoga to lose weight 

While traditional yoga helps to maintain weight it may not reduce weight. So power yoga is becoming popular. It involves a rigorous cardio workout along with the traditional yoga. It also incudes 10-15 mins of pranayam. 
Power yoga helps you rid of obesity, improves body flexibility, one`s posture & concentration.
Handy tip : Always learn from an expert instead of relying on readily available DVD`s. 


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  3. I have tried Aerobics for a year Poonam with gym ..and it toned my is a great way of work out..

    u do all these three things regularly..that is mind blowing:)


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