Top 10 Actresses With Red Hot Lips


Top 10 Actresses With Red Hot Lips

When you do not know what shade to pick, pick RED. A woman can never go with Red.

Hello beautiful ladies, how are you all??? I am so sure that by now you all must have guessed a bit about what I am talking about.
Well you guessed it right today we shall see our bollywood divas flaunting Red Hot Lips.

Red is often associated with hotness, romance and boldness. Red is my favorite color for lips by the way and I totally love how a red lippy instantly brightens up the face. Not just it, a Red lipstick often creates an illusion of whiter teeth. So you see what a multi tasker is a Red lippy.

Red lipsticks are a great way to gather attention and make a woman look absolutely beautiful. Infact we at wiseshe have a whopping collection of red lipsticks and even have a compiled post of 50 hot red lipsticks, do check it out; I am sure you will love it.

Bollywood actresses have always been behind major fashion and makeup trends, and they have contributed a lot towards making Red lipsticks a rage these days. Have a look at ten gorgeous bollywood actresses who rocked a red lippy and looked really hot:

Aishwarya Rai

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - AISHWARYA RAI

There cannot be a better beginning of this compilation than this. This year Aishwarya Rai Bachchan created a lot of buzz with her appearance at the Cannes. She was back in shape and had some really sexy curves. But this was not all, her red lips too became a huge attention grabber and everybody had only one question to ask “What’s she wearing on her lips?”


Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - REKHA

Rekha has always been a lover of red lipsticks. She is actually the lady who made Red lipsticks so popular. It is hard to imagine Rekha without a red hot lipstick now.

Kareena Kapoor

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - KAREENA KAPOOR

She is looking ravishing in a red lipstick. Of course a perfect makeup plays a key role here but I just could not take my eyes off her lips.

Deepika Padukone

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - DEEPIKA PADUKONE

This is a picture of a photo shoot. Deepika is looking gorgeous here and the lipstick she wears here makes her look sexier.

Priyanka Chopra

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - PRIYANKA CHOPRA

Priyanka the miss world has something for matte lipsticks. She on most occasions is seen wearing a matte lipstick. On a promotional event of her Mary Kom she paired a matte red lippy with mid parted straight hair and looked no less than a stunner.

Anushka Sharma

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - ANUSHKA SHARMA

Anushka got two bright colors together. She wore a bright yellow dress at the Filmfare Awards and paired it with a warm red lipstick. The hive bun with the red lippy took us back to 60s and had a vintage look that we definitely love.

Sonam Kapoor

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - SONAM KAPOOR

I would just let her lips in the pictures talk here. I am totally in love with her, at least for this moment and would not spoil the moment with talking much.

Shradha Kapoor

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - SHRADHA KAPOOR

The delicate Shradha Kapoor too is here on our list. Well she has never proven herself to be delicate but somehow any time I look at her I feel that this girl is very delicate. Shradha sported an ethnic look for a photo shoot and the red lipstick made her look so very beautiful.

Alia Bhatt

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - ALIA BHATT

This newbie looks to be totally smitten by hot red lipsticks and has been spotted flaunting hot red lips on major occasions. Well she just picked the right shade that never gets her wrong and I have to say it here that she looks hawt in a hot red lipstick.

Nargis Fakhri

Top Ten Actresses with Red Hot Lips - NARGIS FAKHRI

Her pout is a topic of debate in herself. Ever since she has entered the Bollywood industry, there have been a lot of talks about her lips, whether they are natural or not, infact people have even criticized her for the pout that she has.
Now matter what people have to say, I find Nargis’s pout sexy and when she wears a hot red lippy, she looks hot as hell.

After so much of hotness let me straight away ask you guys about your favorite actress wearing a hot red lipstick.

Which actress looked best with a red lipstick?

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  1. Rekha does come into my mind when i think of a red lipstick, seriously i cant imagine her without a red lippie, in the pic, i loved kareena a lot with red lipstick


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