Top Ten Drugstore Eye Liners


Top Ten Drugstore Eye Liners

Eyeliners are that makeup necessity without which your any makeup look – looks in complete. No matter what look are sporting but with the perfect eyeliner, your makeup look just might fall flat. Women spend oodles of money on makeup and sometime only resort to high end brands, but that’s not the game for every women. Everybody has different wallet with different capacity.



There are many drugstore brands which offer great quality eye liners at economic prices be it the regular pencil eye liner or the fabulous gel eye liners. Today I am here to present the top ten drugstore eye liners available in India.

Have a look.

Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Eyeliner


Maybelline HyperGlossy + Liquid Liner + Black

True to its name, the liner dries into a glossy finish, but not so glossy. The color is jet black but definitely not the blackest black that makes it a perfect option for day wear and work wear. The liner is water resistant and long lasting. It stays on the whole day but comes out easily with just face wash and water. It truly is smudge proof once it sets.  The tip of the eyeliner brush is excellent. It is a soft tip that lends itself to creating lines as thick or thin as you want it.

Revlon ColorStay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliners


Revlon ColorStay One Stroke Defining & Sparkling Eyeliner+smudge proof black eyeliner

These eyeliner pencils are available in five beautiful colors. These have an amazing texture- smooth and easy to glide. It very well goes by its name- one stroke definer eyeliner. You do not need to swipe to and fro repeatedly to get the desired pigmentation. It is absolutely butter. These are waterproof and smudge proof.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line


Lakme Absolute Shine Line Brown Shimmer

These liners are available in 4 shades. It comes with the perfect pointed tip for applying the thinnest line across the eyes and can be widened as per need. The bristles are packed in such a manner that they provide a clean line. The liner dries very quickly on application and provides matte finish.  These are available in 9 shades.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Black Upto 36 Hours


Gel Eyeliner Maybelline Eyestudio

The gel liner is of jet black color with a completely matte finish when it sets. There is absolutely no shimmer or shine which makes it easily wearable on the waterline too. Maybelline has provided the customers with a liner brush which works pretty well and makes the application of the liner easy. The gel liner is buttery smooth in texture.  Highly pigmented and a single thick stroke gives the desired result both on the lids and the waterline too. The liner sets pretty quickly and then it doesn’t budge from the lids for the whole day. A proper eye makeup remover is definitely needed if you want every bit of the liner to be completely removed. It stays for more than 11 hours at a stretch, can stay for even longer.

L’oreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Eyeliners


Loreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Pen

These pencil liners are available in five colors. There’s a sharpener in the packaging and you need to pull out the colored band to use it.  The finish is metallic. No chunky shimmers and glides on lids with ease. It gives super easy and precise application. A single swipe gives enough color and 2 swipes make it look completely opaque. It stays put for 7-8 hours without fading. Once set, it is smudge proof and waterproof.

Chambor Jewels Metallic Liquid Eyeliner 


Chambor Jewels Metallic Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof 4

When applied it does not give an opaque finish in a single swipe but makes it look like a transparent liquid with a high content of shimmer. The actual color shows up only with the second swipe. These liners are available in three shimmery variants. It stays for a whole day on lids without any fading or budging.

Street Wear Eyeliner Black


streetwear eyeliner liquid review

The texture of the eyeliner is a nice black with a little shine. It’s a little thick in form. It is waterproof and smudge proof. This liner ahs decent pigmentation and stays for a long duration.

Faces Long Wear Eye Liner Pencil


Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Solid Black

The texture of these eye pencils is to die for. These pencils are very creamy and glide on smoothly without in tugging. Just a single smooth stroke without any hitches gives you gorgeous eyes. These are heavenly pigmented and are waterproof – smudge proof. Stays for 5-6 hours easily. Available in ten gorgeous shades.

Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner



These are felt tip eye liner pens available in four shade. The felt tip is a super long one and quite unique. A single swipe disperses a rich coat of color. These liners are not waterproof but they refuse to budge until you splash water on it or try to rub off. These are great for beginners.

Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Liners


Lakme Gel Addict Liner pots

These are available in seven beautiful shades.  The texture isn’t creamy infact it is more like a mousse…akin to whipped cream. These stay on for fabulous 12 hours and even more if you wish to carry them for longer durations. The brush that comes along with these makes it easy to draw a thick or thin line as desired.

These were the top drugstore eye liners which you must checkout. Maybelline and Lakme eye liners are my favorites, what are yours?

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