Transition Eye Shadows For Dark Skin


Transition Eye Shadows For Dark Skin

When you think of makeup, it is your eye makeup in which you play with so many colors. So little practice and good experience is required to get it right. You play with many shades of eye shadows, eye liners, mascara and transition colors. Transition colors? What are they? Have you heard of them before? If no then get to know what it is exactly.

It is a matte color used in between the lid eye shadow and the brow highlight. It is worth spending on it because blending it is easier than any other type of eye shadow. So, how do they look like and what shades will suit my dark skin tone?

Here we found few transition eye shadows that will suit your dark skin tone.

MAC Matte Brown Eye Shadows

There are so many brown shades available from MAC. Few to list are wedge, cork, texture, saddle, soft brown, era, kid, malt, espresso, brown down, hand written, swiss chocolate, folie etc. Among these swiss chocolate, texture, soft brown, espresso, twink, antiqued and folie may suit most of the Indian dark skin tones. These eye shadows have buttery texture, good pigmentation and stay over 5 hours. Check few of these shades which you may like to try.

1. Swiss Chocolate: This has a muted reddish brown shade which will suit medium-dark skin tones or you can say wheatish skin tones well.

MAC Eyeshadow in Swiss Chocolate Review product pan+eyeshadow palettes

2. Texture: It’s a warm medium brown or burnt caramel shade that goes with many dark skinned women perfectly.

mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac texture eyeshadow

3. Soft Brown: It’s a neutral brown shadow that doesn’t show up much. Many women like it but if you have dark skin tone then you must check if it matches your skin or not.

MAC Eyeshadow Soft Brown Review Shade Close up+mac eyeshadow

4. Espresso: It is a dark brown color yet a not muddy.

MAC Espresso eyeshadow

5. Twink: This is a gorgeous rich reddish brown shade with shimmers in it. This will suit almost all skin tones.

6. Antiqued: It is looks like ash brown with bronze as described but it seems like brown with strong red undertones. This one as well goes perfectly with dark skin tones or almost all skin tones.

MAC Antiqued Eyeshadow Review+mac eyeshadows+mac cosmetics

7. Folie: It is yet another brown shade with red undertones that looks amazing on many skin tones.

MAC Folie eyeshadow review+ mac

Coastal Scents Hot Pot:

A reason to get Coastal Scents eye shadows is that many of their eye shadows are dupes of MAC eye shadows. You can save some bucks in your pocket.

1. Cherry Chocolate: Its shade is same as the MAC twink eye shadow; you can call it as a dupe of MAC twink. So it is also a reddish brown shade with shimmers in it.

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Cherry Chocolate

2. Amber Bronze: It is a warm, rustic bronze with shimmers in it. It is a dupe of MAC bronze eye shadow.

Hot Pot - Amber Bronze

3. Light Taupe: It is a dupe of MAC charcoal brown and has deep, exotic taupe hue shade but it looks like a dark brown shade that goes with all skin tones.

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Light Taupe

4. Burnt Umber: It is a dupe of MAC saddle eye shadow and has rustic deep berry hue which looks like a dark brown shade.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot M17 in Burnt Umber

Nyx Adorable Palette TAS01:

This has 6 eye shadows that include 3 brown shades which are named as matte dark brown,  matte brown and shimmery brown. Matte dark brown is a deeper hue with dark chocolate shade; matte brown is a matte lighter brown shade that looks like a chocolate shade while shimmery brown has shimmers in it and is chalky. These three browns can be well used by dark skin toned ladies.

nyx adorable shades palette

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow D.S. 608:

This is warm brown shade which is neither light nor dark brown. This will suit medium to dusky skin tones perfectly.

Inglot eye shadow D.S. 608

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow In Endless Chocolate:

This is a beautiful shimmery chocolate brown shade best suitable for very dark skin tones with 7-8 hour staying  power and awesome pigmentation.

L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in endless chocolate review+ loreal+ endless chocolate

Other than these there are yet many brown eye shadows available in the market to choose from. While purchasing choose the right shade that is neither too light nor too dark on you.

Have you tried any Transition Eye shadows Before?

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