Traveling With Toddlers On Airplane :Tips & Tricks


 Hi everyone!

 I know this post has nothing to do with makeup and beauty but it is something that concerns most of us . There are a lot of new mothers and mothers of young children who are readers of Wise She and this post is for all the mommies!

 I am sure that all mothers find travelling with kids a daunting task . In this post I an going to give insider tips and tricks of travelling by air with infants and toddlers .


 Travelling with infants:-

Infants in airline jargon are considered as children from 0 – 2 yrs of age .They do not require a ticket to fly an are not given a seat .Every infant has to be accompanied by one adult and one adult cannot carry two infants with her . If you have always wondered why there’s only one infant in each row theres a sound reason behind it! Each row of three seas has four oxygen masks and in case of emergency the extra one is used for the infant.

On entering the aircraft a lot of you must have seen crew coming to tell you about how to fasten infant seat belt and how not to use one seat belt for you and your baby. Its advisable to keep baby awake during take off and landing an feed baby during landing .Doing this will spare the baby the torture of ear pain. Do NOT use cotton as ear plugs while landing as it will only aggravate the problem.

It is a good idea to ask for a seat in the middle of the cabin as this area shakes the least during turbulence!

 Now what about feeding your baby on long hauls .. I would recommend that all moms carry their own blankets or stoles for feeding your baby . I would definitely not recommend using the airline blanket !iIf you are carrying baby food or baby’ formula milk on an international flight you can ask the crew to heat it up for you and if you  are told there is no microwave ask the crew to put the bottle in a pit of hot water for about ten minutes .. You should have nice and warm milk then!

 Its very important to listen to the air hostess’s instructions as they know what they are doing! If the air hostess tells you that the weather may be bad and she will give you your cup of tea or coffee later on please comply with her! One mommy didn’t listen to us an then bad weather hit causing a hot cup of tea to fall on her infant daughter’s knees!

When travelling with a baby its a good idea to request for a baby meal if your baby is old enough to eat pureed foods . A baby meals comprises for cereals and pureed veggies and for slightly older babies bread jam n slice of non cream cake.

Most aircraft have diaper changing tables in at least one washroom and you can to be shown the same so its easier to change the baby.

On long flights a bassinet can be attached infront of your seat so your baby has a crib to sleep in .

 Also don’t worry if your child takes ill on a long flight as all crew are well trained in first aid and are fully trained in administering medicines for diarrhoea or vomitting or colic pains!

Travelling with toddlers!

In my opinion , travelling with toddlers is tougher than travelling with infants as they need to be kept entertained at all times!! Its a good idea to carry games , toys, colouring books

Children are not permitted to run about in cabin and they need to be kept occupied in their seat itself. Its actually a good idea to carry an iPad or a portable  dvd player with their fav cartoons or movies.

Always always make a booking for a child meal when booking your ticket ! I cannot emphasise this enough .. airlines only carry as many child meals as booked ,nothing more and nothing less! I can guarantee that the meal will not be to a toddlers liking and a child meal usually has what most kids like . Usually burgers or pizzas or pastas or a less spicy Indian meal .

 Its a good idea to let your toddler talk to the air hostess because if he / she is comfortable with the crew you can probably leave him/ her with the crew and make a washroom visit if you are travelling alone with your kid.

 In case of infant or child a mom must always follow crew instructions as they are well trained to handle kiddie emergencies .

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  1. I carry a whole bag full of books, crayons and those colouring books that can be wiped off and coloured again. These days puzzles too 🙂
    Yes, and I always keep some surprise in the bag which is my last weapon ‘in case of emergency’ 🙂 Like a Chocolate, jelly or a tiny toy.

  2. Thank you Shweta. I have a five-month-old girl and am flying home for the first time post delivery for her naam karan ceremony. I am super excited and nervous as well…carrying such a small child is definitely no child’s play. 😉


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