Trend Alert: Animal Printed Footwear


Recently, animal print footwear has turned out to be really fashionable… so now may be a good time if you have ever wished to incorporate one of these into your shoe collection. These footwear’s were very much “in” trend before also and now also they are latest fashion trends and I have seen them in various designers fashion collection this season. There are various sorts of prints available like cow print to giraffe, cheetah, leopard and tiger. This print can be seen on various style shoes: stiletto high heels, strappy gladiators, flats and pumps. So, if you want to try this trend, then following are some tips you should definitely keep in mind…

animal print

CASUAL: For a casual look Choose animal print shoe in ballet flats, oxfords or sneakers to make your dull daily outfit pop. Wear these ballet flats with skinny jeans and regular top, with complementing accessories like a fedora cap.

PARTY: If you’re going for a party then, try animal print wedges as they can make your entire look sexier, plus they are gaining popularity among the A-list fashionistas. Pick one in an ankle bootie length and pair it with an exclusively textured black mini skirt and a loose top with dolman or dropped sleeves. Try the looks and trust me, you are sure to turn heads when you walk into the party with your girl friends.

how to wear them

DATE: Want to impress your boyfriend??? Then try peep toe styles or animal print shoes in high court as they give sexy look and are ideal for dinner dates with you *special someone*. These killer heels add height and you can even highlight your curvaceous figure, making sure your partner will have his sights set on you during the date. Pair them with a body hugging outfit in a neutral color, or in jewel tones that compliments your skin tone.


Don’t overdo it: This wild printed footwear can create attention anywhere you go. So going over-the-top will make you a fashion disaster. Remember, less can be more, in many cases including sexy animal prints.

animal print leg wear

Choose simple style: Cheetah and leopard prints are very much popular and very chic animal prints. They really stand the test of time. So, if you are first timer then go for cheetah or leopards prints only as they are easy to style.

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