Trend Alert: Zero Accessory Look and Crop Tops


Hi Girls, Hope you’re doing well.

Here I am up with two latest trends that are “talk of the town” these days. Have a brief look and do comment of what you think about them.

Zero Accessory Look:

There was a time when wearing necklaces, earring altogether looked really stylish, then came a time when only one accessory at a time looked happening whether you wear earring or a neckpiece. But did you notice the new Zero accessory trend?? Yes, you read it right. Wearing no accessory at all is the current trend of this season.

zero accessory look

Have you seen Priyanka Chopra walking the ramp as a showstopper at the latest Mumbai fashion week, where her multicolored sari did the talking? She dint wore any accessory but still looked so stylish and elegant. Or have you seen Emma Watson’s natural sexy look in MTV awards night recently?? The Zero-accessory look seems to be really hit currently, both on and off the runway. Whether it’s on ramps in India or at international fashion occasions, attractive collar cuts or smart layered outfits seems to do the trick. With the beginning of summer, the fashionistas think this is a welcome trend this season. 😀

How to wear this look:

  • Play with colors like priyanka and let your clothes do the talking.
  • Wear attractive collars with adornments and embroidery since they don’t require any accessory.
  • If your dress is simple then bold lipstick can work in your favor.

Crop Tops:

This summer, fashion hit us with another comeback style and will take you back to the 90s with navel-showing and belly-baring tops. This trend can be seen in cute tops or even in jackets, exhibiting a hint of the skin tends to be the new fad for everyone. So, as crop tops are a big trend for summers and nowadays it seems that no outfit is complete without a bit of exposed midriff. Carrying crop tops needs a lot of confidence I guess, so if you think you can carry off this trend then following are some tips.

crop tops

How to wear this look:

  • A crop top looks very stylish and graceful when paired with a pencil skirt. You can also pair it with a blazer or a summer shirt.
  • Not a daring dresser? Then pair crop top with high waisted pants, shorts or skirts. (look trendy by revealing less)
  • Not comfortable in showing skin?? Then, layering your cropped top on a longer tee or tank top is a trendy solution.

So, which trend you’ll follow girls??

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  1. yeyy :dance-left-right: me in love with cropped tops these days :yes: I’ve bought a couple of lace tops which end right above the navel, albeit i play it safely O:-) by layering them over my tank tops :rotfl:

  2. This zero accessory trend suits me quite well actually…since i dnt think ill hv d timr fr it fr a few months 😛 kya timing hai…


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