Tresemme Shampoo And Conditioner Review


Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo n Conditioner for Frizzy Hair

  • Price: Both were for around Rs.150 each
  • Quantity: 225 ml each

Tresemme advance technology shampoo and conditioner review

My experience with their Tresemme Shampoo And Conditioner :-


I have normal scalp, oily hair which are very frizzy in summers.

Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner:-

Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo REVIEW

I went shopping the other day and found products from a lately launched brand in India called Tresemme.  There were only shampoos and conditioners from this range.

The shampoo and conditioner’s packaging is very much sturdy. You need to press on the small button on the top and product comes out from there. The fragrance they have I find is exactly similar to the regular version of head and shoulders i.e. apple kinds, which I used long ago.

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Tresemme Conditioner Ingredients:-

tresmme shampoo conditioners+tresmme shampoo ingredients

The shampoo lathers really very well. I need a very small quantity each time I shampoo my hair without oil and when I have oil in my hair, I need to use a decent quantity to remove oil buildup from my hair. In both cases, it effectively removes oil and dirt with the first wash itself. It leaves my hair very soft.

Tresemme Conditioner Claims:-

tresemme sampoo conditioners ingredients

Coming to the conditioner, it de-tangles my hair very nicely and makes my hair very very soft.

After using this combination, my frizz is controlled to a very good extent, my hair has sheen and it is so soft.

For my frizzy hair problem, I have used Loreal and Matrix and Schwarzkof products but I like Tresemme the most. I am very happy with the results. Also, with this combo my hair looks good even after 2 days which is shocking for me since my hair used to become limp the very next day due to so much dirt and pollution.

Tresemme Shampoo Claims:-

Tresemme shampoo reviews

I now wish to see hair styling products from them too since the quantity and price is so good.  Please, Tresemme!

God bless You all! 🙂

Have you tried Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo And Conditioner?

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  1. Wowie !! my hair is so unruly nowadays .. doesn’t listen to me at all !! and this sounds so promising heens .. I will surely try this .. and 150 for 225ml ?? is that price right ??

  2. Im currently using their smooth & shine variant..n loving it!!!1 now im damn confused if i should continue with that or buy this to tame my dry frizzy hair :(!!

    • u should change ure shampoos. alternate them i mean. i learnt that the hard way. I was on baba ramdevs shampoo for 4 months before I started to alternate between loreal for dandruff, tresemme gentle and baba ramdev. It has helped my hair ……

      Tresemme natural and gentle shampoo coming soon and moisture rich conditioner….too

      • U r so right Chris, its said that when u use a shampoo for long….it leaves a coating on ur hair which eventually makes it hard…brittle and then split ends pop up!!! Read it somewhere looooong time ago…So changing shampoos is a good thing to do.

        • haingggg?? 😮 😮 :O i didnt know that!!!!!! my mummaz always blasting my booty for changing shampoos all the time :( i should change my shampoo every 3-4 months ya?

  3. Then yu get a variety of fuschias to try .. If yu insist on orange, u have colorbar velvet matte obsessed orange, faces Moisture rich fiery Orange, NYX mega shine lip gloss in orange to try .. And these r budget friendly !!! Below 500!!! :-))

  4. I never knew about Colorbar till I joined WiseShe…..and must admit…I am so glad to have picked up a lippy and nailpaints on my last visit to India…Very good range…creamy lippy….overall satisfied

    All Wise women…..look how u end up marketing products for free( 😀 )

  5. Haww. I am confused between buying this one or the silky and smooth one from the Tressme range!I have rough, dry, frizzy hair. 🙁

  6. i am not sure of this the semme climate protection… but i used tresemme split remedy shampoo….. its was the worst i ever tried. I have a frizzy dry hair with splitends,, i felt split ends are the cause for many things so decided to pick a shampoo for split ends….. I am not the one who gets tempted with ads , but i really did a mistake by trying this shampoo jus because of tempting ads… (i got in US walgreens).

    It made my hair like straw, more wire textured…. in spited used it again after a day…. the result was same… with more and more hair fall….. really more, i am sure more than 100 strands of hair would hav falled… (i was afraid that my all my hair would fall down…. :P) then i came across same kind of reviews, some ppl telling the same for split ends remedy shampoo….

    Is it because the brand is not good, or not good for me?
    or splits remedy shampoo is not right for me?

    i really dont know,

  7. Hi Heena:)

    I ve been using Pantene Hairfall Controll for more than a year… I felt my hairfall got reduced but My hair became Frizzy…!!! Then before a month I have tried Pantene Nature Fusion…!!!! Ufff…. Waste of Money…!!! Nothing happened 🙁 again i was carryg frizzy and un-managable hair.

    I have a Thin, shoulder length hair. whenever i see girls with wonderful hair i’ll be longing for that:(

    On reading ur review i wish to try out quite scared whether ill get any hair problems if i change my shampoo…

    Please advise me…!!!!!!


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