Trichup Hair Oil Review


I had heard a lot of praises for the Trichup Hair Oil, so I decided to buy it and found the online site which sell Trichup products .I am using this product from last 2 months and here we go with my experience ๐Ÿ™‚


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What the product claims:-

Trichup oil is enriched with natural goodness of Bhringral, Amlaki, Neem, Gunja and other exotic herbs, is formulated with til and coconut oil.
It revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates growth, it adds volume to your hair naturally. This is patented product and is recommended by doctors for over two decades, making it the preferred choice of millions.


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Directions for use:-

Cleanse off the hair with Trichup Shampoo. After thorough drying, apply Trichup Oil on the scalp and massage gently using finger tips until it get absorbed in skin. Keep overnight for better results. Repeat at least twice a week.

  • Price: INR 150
  • Quantity: 200 ml.
  • Self life: 3years from date of manufacturing.
  • Packaging: nice round plastic bottle with the flip top black cap.


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Pros of Trichup Hair care Oil:

  1. Flip top cap.
  2. Reasonably priced.
  3. It contains lots of herbal herbs.
  4. It also helps me in clearing dandruff thus in reducing hair fall.
  5. Makes hair smooth, shiny.


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Cons of Trichup Hair Oil:

  • ร‚ย I donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt like the fragrance of the oil.
  • The oil is very greasy and sticky.
  • The product is not easily available in many places but I have seen in most medical stores. The simplest way will be ordering it online ๐Ÿ™‚
Overall its a nice product and might solve out your hair fall problem ๐Ÿ™‚

Rate: 4.5/5


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  1. I got this for myself and the anti hairfall one for my brother…i liked mine …bro started using it just a week ago so cant say much…i also am taking their hair vitalizing tablets..hope i soon find a good mop of hair on my head.. :worship:

    • Last time someone reviewd their leave-in condi, i ordered their entire range of hair care stuff…including the shampoo..and it definitely is better than most high end leave-ins..

    • I use it in the night andwash off next morning, so dont really care how sticky the oil is…might be an issue with a few thought..

  2. I have been using this oil for past 1 yr… and i did not feel its that horrible, smell wise and i did not feel sticky too. Result is great and i donot have any hairfall!!
    Am trying their hairfall cream recently…its great product too.

  3. Trichup oil is 100% sure and success for any hair problem. Please Not using any homeo hair care product because no results in its product.

  4. I usd it, hair was thick and flowy, but sticks like hell, and it is no good fr dandruff , and ol in ol i hv seen 100 oils bettr than this…

  5. I usd it, hair was thick and flowy, but sticks like hell, and it is no good fr dandruff , and ol in ol i hv seen 100 oils bettr than this… :struggle:

  6. i have finished one bottle of hair oil. and 2nd one about to… along with it i am using tabltets.

    i think its working….. hope hair comes out of bald area

  7. i have used one bottle of this. in beginning i found better result for hair fall and dandruff as well but latter i found that some of my hair became white on premature manner. ya it is fact it is not always right that herbal products have not side effects. may be it depends on individual nature but i shared my exp.

  8. Hey these days I am suffering from severe hair loss …. I have ordered this product hope it works on … I want to know what biotin supplements I should take… ????


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