Trichup Silky Potions Serum Review


Trichup Silky Potion  Review

About Trichup

Trichup Silky Potion enriched with Tea tree oil which helps in strengthening the hair roots. Trichup Silky Potion is a unique blend of natural vitamin – E that makes hair more manageable, imparts shine to the hair and does not allow strands to get entangled. It conditions the hair and makes it healthy, silky and shiny.

Trichup Silky Potion forms a thin protective layer on the hair strand and restores the lost moisture due to sun exposure. It gently replenishes the dry scalp with essential moisture, nourishes hair that gives you smooth and silky manageable hair.

Trichup Silky Potion is a perfect choice for all who wants shiny and beautiful hair.

Silent features of Trichup Silky Potion : 

» Effectively moisturizes hair roots and shafts
» Repair dry and damaged hair
» Provides shiny & beautiful hair
» Restore the lost moisture due to sun exposure

Hello Ladies !..This review is In Movie Format..I hope you enjoy it..sorry no popcorns!

Our movie poster..

Our hero hand in hand with our Heroine..Yes girls its is a romantic movie..and no dishoom dishoom!And a heroine based subject! …Clap clap clap clap


  • Movie Name: Janglee se Hasina(from wild to beauty..err…well approx)
  • Now showing on:
  • Screens playing: Your laptop ,pc, mobile, palmtops, tablet screens..even your window screen(well) if you use a projector!
  • Distributor: Our own lovely Anamika..!(claps ..whistle..fee ..fee..fee)
  • Hero: Trichup silky potions
  • Heroine: Me me …yeh its me
  • Story ,screen play,director,camera man, dialogs, make up, producer : Me again..all in all(claps claps claps)

Heroine intro:Our heroine is a working proff in her 20’s ..she is tall beautiful..slim(well I hope I don’t get bitten by a crow as Jhoot boley kawva ..)…she washes her shoulder length super dry hair 3 times a week and like any other girl blow dries it .And then….her hair starts to look like a place hit by hurricane!..but as she had not met her hero(trichup silky potions) yet.. she would just carry on with her busy schedule..she travels a long way to reach her work all this dust / the time she reaches her work place..her hair looked like a total the condition is so worse that even a hurricane would shy away..
Time for a song
Heroine intro song:chahe koi mujhe jangle kahe..kehne do ji kehata rahe(I dont mind even if people called me wild ..err..I am not so good at translations..Am I )

This was when..(we are introducing a new character here..It is the heroine’s best friend.).suggested using a silky potion like always..she has been advising her about it for a long time..but our heroine never gave an ear. Our heroine used to always tell her..Are yar mere sar pe sirf teen baal hain..Ek margaya,doosra beemar hai aur teesra behosh(meaning..friend..I just have 3 strands of hair left on my is dead,second one is ill and the third one has fainted)(I think I got it right this time)..and finally her dry hair was getting drier drier and started to break out..taking pity on her condition her friend introduced her to our Hero..

Hero introduction: Tatadaey tadaien tadein tadein……( me again!)….Trichup silky potions….. It was definitely not a love at first sight for our heroine

Since our Hero was introduced by her best friend..our Heroine decided to make use of him(He he he never mind..our Hero is just a product!).Like any other day in her life..she washed hair,blow dried it(looked like hurricane hit place again) and applied the serum on her hair..and voila..her hair immediately transformed to beautiful frizz less texture..she ran her fingers through her hair..and it felt smooth and soft..

but still our heroine was not ready to accept the love of our hero!she decided to put his strength on test(he he he)..she decided to go free hair instead of her usual pony.. like any normal day..she had this long long never ending travel to her work place..when she entered the office every body sort of gave her a second look..!And some even commented if she had something done to hair as it looks healthy and well in place today…even at the end of the day her hair remained intact….happy with the result ..she thanked her friend

.After a while when she was home..guess what…. her hubby sang?(Yes Our Heroine is married..but shhh it will spoil the movie yar)..
THUS..Our Heroine /her hubby..along with our hero(LOL) lived happily ever after!

Since the movie was a blockbuster..!!!!!!!!!…….many other directors called our hero and signed him for their future is a peep in through his portfolio..

TRICHUP SILKY POTION  hair serum reviews+ayurvedic hair

Post the movies success here is what the public had to say!


WE love the hero because( What I liked about Trichup Silky Potions)

  • He has ..Tea tree oil !!!Also vitamin E…
  • He makes my hair super smooth,manageable,untaggled and sexy!no more fly aways..
  • His effect remains for a long time!!!!
  • He smells heavenly..and it lingers in my hair for more than 4 hrs!
  • Repairs dry damaged Hair!
  • Totally he makes me feel good about my hair..
  • Our Hero also doesnt charge much..Only Rs 135/-

What I do not like about Trichup Silky Potion

  • Our Hero was so good that..there were no rivals!(I don’t find any cons)

After watching this movie..If you (heroines) want to romance our could book (a date) him through this link

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  1. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: awesomeee jewels :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: oh my stomach is hurtingggg :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. OMG jewels you are a gud story spinner and music ( Tatadaey tadaien tadein tadein)…lol
    bt i really enjoyd reading t dear.. i thnk u shld writ more
    nd d hero s so cool..=)

  3. hahaha!!! OMG!! this is the bestest review ive ever seen!!! My hero doesn’t have tea tree oil! or Vit E! i think my hero shud change now 😉

  4. :clap-n-jump: woww jewel mazaa aa gya lol sooooopeeerrr dooopeerr hittt hai hero 😉 😉 😀
    i haven’t come across trichup’s potion but have used the oil :yes:

  5. OMG what a fun review jewel. i hv seen this bt never tried it till date. Ab toh karna hi padega……heroine ji,can i take ur hero plzzzzz :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  6. Me taking your hero too 😀 wow i loved the review 🙂 just ended my pending work socha wiseshe visit kar lun before my dnnr would comment kal and lol i could resist commenting on your article :-* 😀
    I guess i’ll let my Hair be Heroine and The serum My Hair’s Hero 😀

  7. What are you doing as a prof. jewel? Just get into advertising… u’ll rock there 😎
    Btw, does ur hero make the hair feel a l’il oily ‘coz my hair’s quite manageable but would love some extra shine (P.S.: I have never used hair serums)

    • I am a HR..not onto marketing or advt.. :-)) ..If your hair is manageable probably you could use only two drops of the product instead of coin size that i use.

  8. I used their hairfall control oil and my hubby uses their shampoo……its a wonderful product actually….neva tried the serum…which i wil try in my next order!!! Trichup’s product line is actually great..not very expensive and promises what it delivers…

  9. :yes: Jewel
    have heard about it a lot. last day saw trich up products at a store . but I did nt pay much attention,.but am gonna buy for sure

  10. hi girls… hair is super dry sort of…presently i’m using Loreal’s smooth intense serum but it doesn’t worlk well 4 me atleast…everytime wen i wash my hair they look like a bird’s nest …n i feel so pained while looking at them… :-(( so can any1 suggest me a really gud hair product….??

  11. i was just looking for a review n wht i find here is soo much interesting n funny revu… I had hardly come across anything like this in the past 2 yrs tht I bcame so revu conscious 😛 … well done J&S.. :yes:

  12. Dear friends this and all will seems like good only. As you people are jumping in the excitement without knowing the dangerous part I need to warn for sure. The fact is it will create a coat on the hair and makes the hair LOOKS LIKE(note this again its “Looks like”) healthy, shiny, softy, silky and all catchy words. But ultimately it will lead to dry and rough hair. Because silicone is the substance which is making all these magics and its not at all advisable to apply (Like how we are avoiding face washes which contains sulphate and paraben) Also in the product they wont mention the ingredients as silicone directly. Below mentioned are some indirect names of that dangerous silicones.
    Names of silicones
    – Dimethicone = not water soluble, helps detangle frizzy hair and create shine
    – Cyclomethicone = not water soluble, hardest to remove from hair, creates shine may be also called Cyclopentasiloxane
    – Amodimethicone = not water soluble, help detangling the hair
    – Dimethiconol = not water soluble
    – Phenyl Trimethicone = not water soluble, silicone-oil, helps dry hair look healthy
    – Simethicone = not water soluble
    – Cyclopentasiloxane = not water soluble, silicone-oil that will help the hair feel soft
    – Trimethylsiloxyilicates = not water soluble, hard to remove
    – Dimethicone copolyol = water soluble
    – Lauryl methicone copolyol = water soluble
    – Polysiloxane = water soluble
    Kindly ban the habit of using chemicals always. Herbal products doesnot mean they dont have even 1% of chemicals. They do have but in very very very small % when compared to chemical products. You can make your natural leave in conditioners with spf in home itself.
    Take a spray bottle, fill 10 drops of grape seed oil which is a natural sunscreen. Fill some aloe vera pulp/gel say 4 oz and fill rest of the bottle with pure water. Shake it. Thats it you are done. Simple hair spray recipe which nourishes hair, softens hair and gives shine naturally. In addition its also giving sun protection (we need this for hair also as how we are applying spf for skin). Try it my beauties… TC


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