Tricks To Make Your Blush Last Whole Day


Tricks To Make Your Blush Last Whole Day

Blush is very important. The right blush can add a pop of color to your cheeks, instantly making you look fresh and glamorous. Without it your look will be incomplete. It can either make your look, your break it. Right shade of blushes when worn in a right manner can work wonders for your face.

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But what if your blush slides off your face just after few hours of applying it?


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Make sure your skin is well moisturized. It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin or combination skin, dry or normal, everybody should moisturize their skin before applying makeup. It will make your blush blend into your skin and not just sit atop it and thereby simply sliding off from your face. So wash and moisturize your face first. Clean and moisturized face is the basic you need to do.

Apply a face primer

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Have you ever applied your foundation and blush only for it to slide off your face a few hours later? That will happen no more if you apply a face primer before your makeup. A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer. It pampers the skin and creates a protective barrier.

Thus when the heat hits and when your skin gets extra slick because of all the humidity, primer will make all of your make-up last longer. So this phase is extremely crucial.

A perfect base

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Blush won’t do much good when applied to blotchy skin, so a perfect canvas is important. A tinted moisturizer will feel lighter and look more natural, whereas a foundation will give you a better coverage. So choose you base product according to your need. An even base is all you need for that perfect canvas for your blush.

Layer up your formulas

Apply cream blush first. Now take a powder brush, swirl on some pigments of a powder blush same as the color of your cream blush and lightly brush it along your face. Take face powder and then sweep lightly over it. It will give a more natural finish. The powder blush and the face powder will absorb the emollient ingredients of the cream blush that can make makeup slide off your face.

Use long wearing formulas

Choose blushes which have long staying powers. Simple!!!

Use a setting spray

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Mist your face with a setting spray once your entire face is done. Setting spray does make a huge difference and I can say that from my own experiences. Since I have started using setting spray after applying my makeup, I have no issues with my makeup lasting all day, and it still looks great when I remove it at night. I never touch up throughout the day. When you choose the right product, the result you get is truly amazing. I personally love MUFE Mist & Fix.

So that’s it. You may find the steps confusing or not so simple. But trust me, the result is amazing.

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