Tricks which can wake up skin

Some tips , tricks and little awareness can rejuvenate or replenish a dull looking skin.Below tips can help us to bring back the glow or keep it intact.
1.Keep green tea toner or any toner of your choice in the refrigerator and spray it on your skin.After few minutes replenish your skin with fresh water and pat your skin gently.Moisturize it when it is little damp.
2. If you are a late riser then cleanse skin quickly and apply a moisturizer mask before having breakfast. Them remove the mask and apply tinted moisturizer.
3. A natural way to wake up skin is to go out in the fresh air and take a brisk walk.
We all love to pamper our self with facials .Facials does bring immediate improvement in our skin conditions and make us look fresh if not glowing.By facials helps in acne and black heads problems provided the therapist in the saloon have the proper in depth knowledge and training .
A skin expert focuses on the individual areas of the face and combine several types of treatments to suit precisely to ones skin.
Beside steaming which warms and softens the skin which makes removing black heads and white heads easy massage is one of the most important element of the facial.By massaging the skin our skin micro-circulations increases and improves lymphatic drainage. Lymph is basically a natural fluid which is produced by lymph glands and it acts as a body’s waste disposal system.
Having a saloon facial once a month is considered ideal for most type of skin .Although skin which has been neglected or have problems may require more attention and treatment.



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