TrulyMadly- Dating App Review


TrulyMadly- Dating App Review

Ahaan! Love is in the air guys. So I am reviewing a dating app today, I know it is kind of surprising but I am sure a pleasant one.

dating app trulymadly

Let’s start with a short introduction about TrulyMadly. It is a smartphone app that lets you meet new people and get your perfect match based on your general preferences like your hobbies, interests and location.

So it started with the registration process, like every other social networking. I registered it with my Facebook to save time and it automatically took my picture, location, likes, dislikes, basically every possible information from FB, which was quite impressing because no-one wants to waste their time in that.

trulymadly app profile photos

During the registration process I was asked to describe myself in maximum four hashtags my future matches were going to be highly dependent on them. The hashtags were like- #AvidTraeller, #NatureSeeker, #Foodie, #MovieManiac, #MusicSnob etc. I felt that there were more than 7-8 hashtags describing me but there wasn’t an option of going beyond four so I randomly chose them.

After that the app required me to give information about my Relationship Status (*which is indeed important for a dating website*), my Height (*which I thought was height of questioning*), Age, Religion and some more information.

trulymadly app my profile

When I filled all these forms the app showed me my 10 best matches :-D, they were guys of nearby locations having similar interests as mine. So the first day I didn’t like anyone :-P. The app shows you, your 10 best matches every day, you have options of disliking or liking your match. If you like somebody and they like you as well then you can chat with them, how cool is that! The app verifies your profile and gives you a trusted score so that people getting you as their match know that you’re a verified user. 🙂

 If you want the best of the best match then you can take the Personality Quiz, after you answer all the question the app will suggest people similar to your personality :-). The quiz has questions about your values, adaptability and likes which are highly important to consider before getting into a relationship.

personality match quiz trulymadly

differences trulymadly app

The major drawback of this app I felt was that you don’t get notifications of chat messages on your home screen, you will only get them after opening the app. Other than that it is fab, one can easily access all the options from the option tab on the top-left and short cuts to mutually liked (*if someone has liked you back it ‘ll appear in the mutually liked window*) and messages on the right.

So summing up

What I Liked About TrulyMadly

  • Easy user-interface.
  • Takes all your personal information to give you a best match.
  • New matches everyday
  • Comparatively smaller in size, will be easily compatible with all smartphones
  • Mutually liked users are able to chat with each other
  • Hassle free sign up
  • Trusted and verified users
  • Colorful outlook
  • Helpful in finding new friends
  • User can set detailed preferences including- Smoking, Eating and Drinking habits.
  • Personality quiz based on Values and Adaptability
  • App makes you meet genuine people.Team behind the app scrutinize the profile really well.This was proven when one of the married Wise She team member uploaded her profile she was rejected .I don’t know how they came to know about it but it actually happened and that is why I was asked to try it out .Kind of profile scrutiny they have is worth appreciating and something which you will never get to see on any other platform.

What I Did not Like About TrulyMadly

  • No notifications of new chat messages on the home screen.

Well, this is a trulymadly fun app that every single person should try :P. you never know the cupid can hit you in a dating app as well. 😉 .

You can download the app from here  and check out their blog here 

 P.S – Sponsored post but our review are honest as always 🙂

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  1. Hahaha!! This is a fun post. But I seriously have trust issues with dating and matrimonial sites 😛 that is just my opinion. Thank god! I am already hooked with my guy for a loooonng time ;):D

    • It depends on the people that are registered na Shikha, may be the matches will be better when the app gains more popularity

  2. I Have Registered this app 2 months ago but I didn’t any kind of respond yet. How long should I wait for a response? Plz any body help me

  3. I am starting to doubt this app.. Over two weeks post installation.. My popularity seems to be high.. The views seem to be twice the number of days since I’ve installed the app.. But no matches until now, which really sucks.. Devasted.. Does the app really work? Your suggestions are appreciated


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