Truth About Bikini Line Shaving


Truth About Bikini Line Shaving

Bikini line shaving is something very precarious. I can tell from personal experience that it is a good thing to practice for personal cleanliness. However, it is a myth that it is necessary or a must have. People prefer to get it done using various methods just for cleanliness. Having pubic hair is absolutely normal and there is nothing medical associated with having them.

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Pubic hair are usually coarse and having them in plenty makes you go gawky about your body and since we women are always against any type of body hair, we feel it to be a feel good factor to get it done. It obviously feels better to have a clean body sans hair. We must get it done if we want to and if someone is okay with such hair, there is nothing to be worried about.

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Salon Hair Removal

There are various methods to get it done and people actually prefer these various methods almost equally. There are methods doable at home and then there are professional salons that do it happily for you. I am sure most of the women still feel it is an embarrassing task to get it done from salons but the truth is that for them you are one of many clients and it is usual job for them. There is nothing to feel awkward about. Most salons these days offer the bikini wax service at minimal costs as it has grown common by now.

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The other methods include shaving the hair off. This is the most common method which is a little risky as it obviously involves the danger of a cut here and there and since the bikini line is the most sensitive area of a female body, it is certain that it should be one very carefully. One must ensure availability of an adequate razor and other stuff to do the same. Often than not, we must, however rely on professional service of a salon. Though painful, the wax pulls the hair off the roots so the hair take more time to grow again and you can enjoy freely until then.

Depilatory Creams

Another method is using the hair removal creams which are easily available and are mostly used by generations prior to us. I have seen it being used in my home and I also thought it to be the only method for ages. But now with the education on options available, I feel the cream method requires too many precautions and is quite messy. The smell of the cream is enough to make me go bonkers for the time it stays on my body including hands.

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One of the best methods so far is Electrolysis which in close to 25 sessions removes your hair completely. It is obviously expensive and is quite popular in foreign countries.

Laser is something we know as a solution to pubic hair in India and is quite popular as well. This includes removal of hair follicles using laser and destroying the hair. However this varies from person to person and there have been cases of some swelling or redness. This thus is not very well accepted.

You may choose any of the above methods to help yourself. But the fact remains that though pubic hair are ugly or you might not feel comfortable, the myth around them causing any health problem is only a myth and nothing true about that has been proved so far.

Which method of shaving the bikini line do you prefer?

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