Truth About Keratin Treatments


Truth About Keratin Treatments

In the pursuit of soft, smooth and silky hair, there is umpteen number of tempting in-salon strengthening services to choose from. Keratin Treatment has become one of the most sought after and popular choice for hair straightening. So we have rounded up few facts about this treatment that you need to know before you commit.

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What is Keratin treatment?

It also knows as a Brazilian hair treatment. Keratin is a protein that’s naturally in your hair. It is a hair straightening treatment that cut downs on frizz and curls and give your hair a sheen and shine. This is not permanent. Keratin hair treatment last from three to six months, so you will have to get it done after every 4-5 months. It’s a great alternative to constantly straightening your hair every day. It will work to straighten or soften curls and make hair healthier over time. Keratin is more of a restorative treatment. Even if you have a good hair type, it still strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient.


Keratin Treatment’s Formula

A keratin treatment is a formula used on the hair in order to make it straight and shiny! There are chemicals that you are going to have to deal with when you are going through a treatment like this. One of them is formaldehyde. Typically, if you are getting an authentic keratin treatment, it is going to contain a safe amount of formaldehyde.


Is Keratin treatment right for you?

If you have unruly, super curly, frizzy hair then this could actually be the treatment option for you. You can forget about frizzy hair after treatment. Though result dependent upon the individual’s curl pattern, hair texture (fine, medium, or coarse), density, length and appropriate at-home maintenance. Also Longevity of frizz reduction is based upon the treatment utilized as well as at-home maintenance, such as using the appropriate shampoo and conditioners.

Is Keratin treatment safe?

There is a lot of controversy over whether or not you should actually invest your money in this particular treatment. These treatments aren’t considered completely safe because of concentrated chemicals it has, especially formaldehyde. This type of chemical has been known to do medical harm and has been known to cause allergic reaction to some people. So It can be hard to judge whether it is safe for everyone or not.

Benefit of Keratin treatment

If you spend a lot of time straightening your hair every day then this could really save your time and change your life. You’ll be able to walk in humid or rainy without worrying about your hair poofing up. Keratin treatments help to make hair silkier, softer, smoother, shinier while also improving manageability, reducing daily blow dry and styling time, and strengthening hair with the power of keratin.

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Bottom Line

Keratin treatment is different. Conventional straighteners may break the protein bonds within the hair’s structure while Keratin treatment does not break the hair’s bonds, instead delivering the versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired. It works effectively on all hair types. Keratin is more of a restorative treatment, even if you have a good hair type; it still strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient.”These treatments contain high concentrations of keratin that penetrate throughout the hair structure, and then are sealed within the cortex to repair damage.

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Have you tried Keratin Treatment before?

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  1. Very informative article. I went through the process and I am really happy with my decision. Keratin is much better than relaxer where they break the bonds of hair. I don’t like the poker straight hair. I wanted to go with something that looks natural and I can try different styles. Keratin treatment is absolutely worth it. 🙂

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