Tweezlight Professional Lighted Tweezers Review And Eyebrow Trimming Tips

I am not that hairy but when it comes to eyebrows I have to visit a parlour every fifteen -twenty days which is kind of a pain for me.In most of the parlour you will find new girls trimming your eyebrows , they will hardly do it right and will make excuses like your eyebrow is not well grown etc.
If you get your eyebrows done with same person then it is still fine but visiting the parlour every now and then is something which I completely dread. I have seen many working women ignoring this because of their hectic lifestyle and when they have to go for a party they just russssssh to the parlor.

I got this tweezers a month back though I was not much keen on it because idea of twee zing has never struck me and I always thought that it is best to be done in the parlor only.But recently I read in Kareena kapoor interview that she also do her eyebrows all by herself so I too thought of trying it out.(Not that I was trying to become Kareena kapoor:D)


The name of the tweezers is TweezLight professional lighted tweezers.It is called as Tweezlight because it has flashlight in it which helps you in seeing the fine hairs as well. It comes with a chic compact carrying case with a built in mirror. It has a battery in it which last for around six months(as claimed by the company)
Price-Rs 299
Though I never thought of this but the tweezers actually plucks the eye brows quite easily without much of pain. You can get beautiful shape eyebrows which you are looking for. Its not even time consuming and you do have control over the hair which makes a precise look.
Here are some tips to pluck your eye brows with the help of a tweezers.

Everyone knows what kind of brows one wants therefore it is just not difficult to use a tweezers.

*To start with it I first brushed my eye brows straight up so that if there are long hair coming out from the natural shape can be trimmed. You can trim with a small scissor although I use nail cutter as it makes me notice my eye brows more.

*If you wash your face with warm water before twee zing then it will help in removing the hair follicle easily. Pat dry your face and select the hair which you are going to remove.

*Hold the skin tightly and start removing hair making the arch by grasping clean tweezers near the base of the hair pulling it in the direction it grows by removing the dark hair first.

*Always be cautious when removing the top hair from the brow.

If you do it once you will easily learn it. When you take out 2-3 extra hair you your self will understand whether you need to take out the third one or not.

I even do my upper lips with it and best part is I do not have to wait to grow them. I use it every 3-4 days and it make me free from that mundane process of visiting the parlour.

If you have really grown up eye brows then you can visit the parlour once and then whenever you have some extra hair keep twee zing them. This way your visit to the parlor will be delayed for a long time.

Of course tweezers helps you in removing all the unwanted facial hair which you have but you can make it part and parcel of your life by doing your eye brows with it too.

If you are interested in using it then it is better to use a professional one as they are really worth their cost.As far as this tweezers is concerned I really liked it though I didn’t use the battery thing much but on the whole it is quite a good product especially for girls who are in hostel or women who have a busy life style.

P.S-If you notice some redness after twee zing  then apply some aloevera gel.

Have you tried Tweezlight professional lighted tweezer?

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  1. Thank you so much. Here its a pain to find a parlour which is so far off. Where can I get this in India.Anamika you are increasing the list to buy thing from India, I guess this time Fab India products will come back with me for sure.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. :)Shiva you can get this from online from Amazon and also you can get it from any of the store which keep foot scruber , come and all..I am glad you are liking the stuff which I use..:)Loads of loveAnamika

  3. Hey ASH,Thanks for commenting on the blog.You can find this tweezer on any good store which keeps bathing products such as backsrubber, pumic stone..If you are in Noida you can get it in SEC 18 .If you are in Delhi you can get it on any good store which keeps small items like comb, nail cutter , etc..Easily available..I am in HYderabad right now and I got it form Inorbit mall.:)

  4. I didn't know that Tweerman was available in India…I also do my eyebrows myself now after getting the shape spoiled many a times by the parlor lady.


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