Types of anti aging creams and their effect on the skin

Whenever we go out in  the market to check out  products for  old and dull skin it confuses most of  us .This is because market are loaded with different types of anti aging products. It is easy to buy product which looks good or claims good thing but the intelligent buyer is one who do her research before buying the product.
India is full of products which are cheap and they do not even undergo product testing .Many companies do not follow any quality control norms and use material which is quite cheap. Therefore always be careful which buying products. It is not that the product which is expensive will always be good in quality .It is the ingredients of the product which matter the most.


Coming to the point let us check out some anti aging creams which are available in market and what exactly their purpose is.

Day cream-Day cream main focuses is to protect your skin from the sun and has Sun protection factor (SPF) in it. These creams protects your from Ultra violet rays of the sun.

Rejuvenating creams-It removes the old cells with the new ones. It helps in reviving new cells and is considered one of the genuine anti aging cream.

Special cream/solution cream-This is meant for solving out some specific facial problem like dark spots, blemishes, skin discoloration etc.

Eye cream-It reduces puffiness and eye bags .Helps in eliminating dark spots around the eye area.

Facial cleansing cream/Cold cream-This cream unclog the pores and wipes away dirt from them. These creams refresh the skin and therefore are considered quite beneficial for the face.

Facial sunscreen- is meant to protect the delicate facial and throat skin from the harsh sun rays of the sun.

To get maximun effects from the antiaging creams do not forget to be cheerfull .Take proper sleep and drink lots of water.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and work out at least half an hour for an youthful glow.

Are you aware of  about types of anti aging creams and their effect on the skin?


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  1. this is good info..i think rejuvenating creams are best…but by when should one start applying these? i have started a simple routine of cleaning my face and applying my regular cream at night..so in the morning my skin feels good :)http://weddingonthecards.blogspot.com/

  2. I love Ponds Cold Cream! It really makes my skin so clean & super soft. Thks for the nifty definations, helps make it easier when looking for prdts


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