Types Of Beauty Allergies And How To Deal With Them


Types Of Beauty Allergies And How To Deal With Them

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We all use so many different types of skincare & makeup products on our skin on a daily basis. Whether it is a simple moisturizer, a sunscreen or a high-end foundation, many of these contain chemicals & other ingredients which may not suit the skin at times & cause allergies. Today, we take you through some different kinds of allergies which can be caused by different beauty products.

Redness From Waxing

This is one of the most common kind of skin allergy which every woman must have experienced. It is normal for the skin to get a bit red after waxing & this redness usually goes away in a couple of hours. However, in some cases, it might get a bit severe which can further cause itching.



  • Applying fresh Aloe Vera Gel helps soothe the skin
  • Apply a pre-epilation powder or oil before waxing
  • Keep the skin moisturized
  • Avoid touching the freshly waxed skin as it might increase the redness



Although acne is mainly caused because of reasons like hormonal changes & unhealthy eating habits, but using beauty products which are comedogenic block pores & cause fresh breakouts. In addition, Silicones in skincare as well as makeup products also contribute in clogging the pores.



  • Switch to non-oil based makeup to prevent occurrence of acne
  • Keep your skin clean at all times
  • Eat healthy & avoid junk & fried foods
  • Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) can be used in face packs to avoid excess oil
  • Tea tree oil also works well on acne


Shaving Nicks:

Getting nicks & cuts while shaving is very common. No matter how careful you are with the razor, when the blade strikes, these nicks are bounds to appear.



  • Wash the cut first to avoid germs
  • Aloe Vera Gel works wonderfully to treat shaving nicks
  • A moisturizing lotion also helps to reduce scarring
  • Applying petroleum jelly on the cut also helps it to heal ch_pjelly_ljuice

Itchy Skin:

Products which tend to rip of the moisture from your skin tend to make your skin dry & itchy. For instance, your cleanser might be too drying, you might be using a soap-based cleanser or even a light moisturizer which is not hydrating enough.



  • Switch up your moisturizer & keep the skin well nourished at all times
  • Avoid soap-based cleansers
  • Apply some Coconut oil on the affected area to reduce itching
  • Fresh basil leaves also work well on itchy skin


Allergy To Hair Color:

Many women also tend to get allergies from using hair dyes. Such hair coloring products contain harmful chemicals like ammonia & peroxides which can cause reactions on the skin.



  • It is always recommended to try out a patch test first before using the product
  • Once you feel any allergy on the skin, wash the affected area with a shampoo & remove all the hair dye from your hair
  • Tea tree oil possesses anti-fungal & anti-inflammation properties which helps reduce the allergy
  • Massaging the scalp with Jojoba Oil tames allergies on the scalp by keeping it moisturized & nourished.


Redness Around Eye Area:

Your eye area is extremely delicate & it needs to be properly taken care of. At times, eye makeup such as kohl pencils, eyeliners & eye shadows can also cause allergies. As a result, redness can be seen around the eye area. In addition, other symptoms such as puffiness under the yes & under-eye wrinkles can also be witnessed.



  • Putting cool cucumber slices helps soothe & relax the eyes
  • Moist tea bags fight infections & reduce inflammation
  • Use only good quality eye makeup
  • Consult your doctor if the problem still persists


How do you deal with beauty allergies?

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