Types of eyeliners and how to choose the best one for you

If you are in one of those who likes to make their eyes appear bigger and bold then eyeliner is must for you. Eyeliner makes not only eyes dramatic but makes them stand out as well. But now days market is full of varieties of eye liner and it is difficult to find the best one for you. Let us find out what the types of eyeliner available in the market are and how to choose the one which will best suit you.


Eyeliner pencil-If you want to create a soft look then eyeliner pencil should be your choice. Eyeliner pencils is perfect for create edgy look as well and are best to be used on the lower lashed and the waterline. Gel and liquid eyeliner cannot be used on lower lashes or the waterline .Whenever  you buy the eyeliner pencil try to get a pencil which is creamy and glides effortlessly. Also eye liner pencil should not get smudge easily until you want too.


Liquid eyeliner are my favorite one as they give dramatic and a classy look which so many women wish to achieve. Whenever you are going for an liquid one always check out the eye liner brush which comes in various shapes and sizes. Some brushes are thin where as some are long or wide. It depends upon the kind of look which you want to create. If you prefer the neat, yet dramatic, look over the smudgy smokey-eye, then liquid eyeliner is   for you. You can easily draw sharp wing-tipped or cat-eye look with liquid eyeliner. So basically it is an ideal choice for those who wants to try on different look every now and then.

Gel liner is one of the innovative alternatives to the traditional powder liners that glide on smoothly and stay until they voluntarily remove them. One needs to apply the gel liners with a brush which needs little bit of practice. Gel liner blends smoothly and you can smear as little as you want. Only thing which should always be kept in mind is to always use a quality brush while applying the gel eyeliner.


Kohl-Kohl eye liner were used readily in ancient India. The difference between kohl eyeliner and pencil eyeliner is this that kohl eyeliner goes lot more thickly and is little bit soft in texture. Kohl glides on easily but one should use it carefully otherwise you might end up looking like a panda. It is always better to use kohl eyeliner during night as it is quite rich in texture.

There are other eyeliners as well such as powder eyeliner , cake eyeliner but I have tried the above four only which are most widely used.

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