Types of shorts – Hot Pants/ Mid length shorts/Barmuda shorts and more


Being 10 kg overweight I was not into shorts before but now I enjoy wearing them.It is not that I am fit now but its just that I know what short will suit me. Reason I like wearing shorts because  in once glance you appear stylish and comfortable.Some of the shorts can be worn in parties too but then there fabric  is quiet different.Woman of all age can wear shorts if they keep in mind the varying lengths.

 Just select shorts which is of your size and the style which suits you the most.Always keep the proportion in mind and you can look chick and stylish at all age.

 Types of Shorts:-

Hot Pants/Short shorts

These are reallly short in length and emphasize buttock and legs.They come in cotton or nylon material and girls who have thin legs do not prefer wearing them because they make them look too thin.These shorts suits bulky woman easily  provided they don’t have heavy buttocks .

 Bermuda shorts


 A very common style of clothing Barmuda shorts makes a great outfit especially during the day.They are kind of a semi casual trousers which are knee length.A flowy top with a bermuda or a denim jacket is a stylish outfit to wear.Woman with fat legs looks great in them.

Pleated shorts


I have seen girls from east India wearing them so beautifully and looking great in them .This is because of their petite and thin frame which gives volume to their body.These are not meant for those who have large thighs and hips.Though narrow hips women can give them a try.Pleated shorts can never work for me

Low-Rise Shorts

If you have an hour glass body type with a pear shape body then go for these.They generally starts below the normal waistline.

Mid- Length shorts-

Quiet , appealing and attractive shorts which have a mid- seam of about 7-8 inches.Many people call them golf shorts or day shorts.They cover flabby thighs easily 🙂

Do you like wearing shorts?Which one is your favorite?

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  1. who has toned legs yaar….that is why mid length and hot pants were made..they suit most legs..:P
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  2. Pleated short are not for me..they make me look bulky..i guess u r the lucky one 🙁
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