Ultimate Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2016


Ultimate Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2016

Hey there pretty girls! The Fashion Week shows in New York, Paris, London & Milan delivered a wide range of beauty inspirations which were much more than clothes, bags & makeup. They introduced us to so many different creative manicures & there is a perfect one for every girl out there! So, let us nail some major emerging trends for you to try on!

Women False Fake Acrylic cute Nails

Squoval Nails:

Squared Oval nails or Squoval nails, as they are known are square nails with oval tips. The long sharp nail trend is out & this neat & perfectly buffed look is in. It is a practical choice & is especially helpful for the professional gals. So no more accidentally poking yourself in the eye with those pointed nails!

French 2.0:

Add some twist to the regular French nails! Try colored tips with contrasting base on your nails. Whether it is a bright red tip on nude nails or a sparkling silver foil tip on a lilac colored nail, these look very pretty & are trendy too! To spice it up even more, you may also try some nail art on the tips!

Negative Space Nail Art:

This is one of the biggest nail trends of the season & it really stands out in a crowd! This trend is primarily a minimal nail art wherein most portions of the nail are left clear of color & you simply beautify it with a simple geometric shape, a thin horizontal line or a thick coat of lacquer on the tips. It is easy-to-do & looks stunning as well!


Matte Nails:

Moving away from the shiny & glitter nails, give matte nails a try! Matte Nails look very elegant & polished. The grey matte nail trend has been especially been in style. In addition, you may also try out other matte colors or even some simple nail art on a matte base!


Go Bold With Dark and Dramatic Nails:

Dark & bold nails never go out of style. After the black nails trend, many dark colors are in style. Go bold & try deep burgundy, dark teal or a vampy purple! These dark hues step up your nail game & add a whole lot of drama!


Try On Different Shapes!

Add some fun to your regular nail polish by trying on geometric nails & checkered nails. Stripes, checkers, plaids, all look great & are a must try!


Go Minimalist!

Some time back, we wrote about the Naked Manicure, which is so in trend right now! Nude nails with light pink color or a simple clear polish look very neat & natural. If you still feel like putting some color on, then try neutral hues like peach, beige or a pale pink. These look very pretty & add a feminine touch as well!


Nails With Line Effects:

This is an interesting nail art wherein you work around the cuticles. The line effects on top of the cuticles look really pretty. If you like French tips, you may even combine these two nail arts on your fingernails to create a lovely overall effect.


Do you plan on trying out these nail trends anytime soon?

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