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Ishika asks,

I have a question.

I generally use night cream just before going to bed. I also want to under eye cream or something else for my dark circles.

Can I use both the things together? If not how should i use them? and which under eye cream will you suggest for dark circles?


night cream suggestions


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  1. I’ve used Himalaya under eye cream and aromamagic under eye gel.
    Both worked for me, although it takes more 4-5 weeks to notice any visible difference.
    My dark circles haven’t completely gone but has certainly reduced to a great extent.

  2. I use l’oreal pearl perfect night cream…and for under eye I used clinique intense repair. Use night cream on face except eye area..and apply eye cream twice once in morning and once at night.
    Seeing my dark circles reduce even my hubby started “dabbing” eye cream 😀

  3. I dont know about the eye creams from market but i created my own concoction which has been quiet effective for me.
    1 thing is if you have specs like me dark circles would sure be there to some amount i would never go away fully but yes this mixture reduces the extremity of it.

    Here it goes:
    1 tub aloe vera gel (the one you get in market) + 1 tsp pure almond oil + 1 evion Vit E capsule

    mix it nicely with spatula and the color will change into a creamy green color just use it nicely around your eyes.
    Aloe vera cools eyes + doesnt let eye area get dry
    Almond oil and Vit E are known for their mark reducing property

    + this mixture doesnt feel heavy around eyes so pimple or acne prone people can use it safely without feeling sticky 🙂

    It has worked for me within a month 🙂 you may also try it … 🙂

  4. I have only been using the Lady Soma Renewal Serum in the evenings for about the last two weeks and have already noticed drastic improvements in the firmness and pigmentation under my eyes. Even when I wake up in the morning, there are no longer bags under my eyes. There is no sticky residue left over after putting it on either. Overall, this is the best eye serum i’ve ever tried. LOVE IT!!!

  5. Banjara’s Under Eye Cream
    Enriched with borage & butcher broom


    i tried it and its working reallly well compared to others because “butcher broom” improves blood circulation under eyes which is the main cause of dark circles. :yippee:


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