Undone Braid Hairstyles & Celebrity Inspirations


Undone Braid Hairstyles & Celebrity Inspirations

Behen ji, a term invented by the so called stylish and ultra modern group of our colleges, and applied on a girl who is relatively a simple girl, who wears salwars and tie her long tresses in braids. But gone are the days when braids used to make you look like a non-trendy girl next door. Braids have now become one of the most stylish hairstyles of the season.

Nowadays, messy and undone braids are more loved than the neatly braided ones. They look chic and are super easy to do even celebrities are mad about these hairstyles. On the red carpet, on the ramp or on the go, celebrities have adopted this new hairstyle whole heartedly.

So I’ll be listing today my top favorite messy- undone braid hairstyles. Enter this awesomely casual approach to the braid.

Undone braid

undone braid

Just look at Bella Thome. Isn’t she super stunning? One can have no clue about the braid when seeing her from the front. The messy, chic look is taking her to a completely different level and when you get the glimpse of the undone French braid, it is a totally different story; but no less interesting.

Undone side braid

undone side braid

I had no clue that undone braid can look so stunning with a black dress. The famous beauty sensei Drew Barrymore sported this super chic undone braid to a red carpet event. Marie claire said, Amping up the volume with an ultra-teased swoop and glossy loose pieces, it was a total retro-meets-hippie-glamour approach we can get behind.

Barely-there braid

barely there braid

Have a look at Cameron Diaz and you’ll understand yourself. She braided a really small portion of her hair in a thin braid and left the rest of the hair messy and open. Her braid is playing peek-a-boo with the rest of the world.

Puffed up undone braid

puffed up undone braid

Olivia Palermo tied her hair in an undone braid and kept it loose enough to give a voluminous, puffed up look. Love Olivia Palermo’s long brown hair which is styled in this very loose, undone braid. She wore this hairdo to the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Undone crown braid

undone crown braid

This is sheer gorgeousness. Vanessa Hudgens lovely ombre hair tied up in a not so tidy crown braid. Part your hair in the middle and start braiding from the nape of the neck as you move forward and secure it with a tie. Do this again on the opposite side. Now take the right braid and pin it on left and the left on right. This will give a crown like effect. Remember not to use a comb, which is the key to awesome messiness. Leave a few thin strands here and there.

So make way for tousled braids this season, replacing the sophisticated braids. You are going to love it.

So what do you think about Undone Braid hairstyle?

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