Reader Query – Uneven Skin Tone Solution



Reader Query – Uneven Skin Tone Solution


Hey lovely people, remember the times when you were a No-Makeup girl? Well I remember my time when I used to stay away from Makeup and caring for my skin didn’t had a place in my priority list but when people start pointing out our flaws we always wish to correct them and care for ourselves. Here’s such story of a “Married Tomboy” from Bhopal who wishes to seek our help to look more beautiful and glowy 😉 Let’s read what she has to say first.

“ Hi Ana, I am a 25, got married last year, no kids and a woman without a skin care routine. I have uneven skin tone, dark around my chin and forehead and also the area around my cheeks and the usual tanning. Also I have shifted from Delhi to Bhopal after marriage and I drive a two wheeler, which I think has had a major affect on my skin also my lifestyle has changed (like more fun house parties now). Also it’s hard for me to find a decent facial type, that was all that I did for my skin- sat in a chair half asleep. But I do drink loads of water, have joined gym back. I don’t do makeup. Recently I have had the calling from above and my brain wants me to be as proactive as I can at this age (considering I never did anything). So many a helpful blogs like yours helped me in picking the Garnier White Complete (the one in the ads) it’s been just a week that I am using it, also as my night cream. I am unable to determine my skin type the information online is too much to process, ma’am I seek some personal advice from your end. Pls suggest some easy tips and some products that I may.



A Married Tomboy”

This was really a task for me to understand her concerns thoroughly so I studied the text again and again. Now, I am ready to help her and all the other readers with similar problems.

Know Your Basic Skin Type


microdermabrasion reveals young skin


First of all you should know that if your skin is extremely oily or extremely dry because these two conditions will affect all your skincare routine that I am going to suggest.

If you have open pores (like little dots) on your skin and it feels greasy then it is oily.

And if you feel your skin very dry and notice any skin peeling (dry patches) then it is dry.

As of now I am assuming it is none if these as these are easily to determine. So the skin care routine I’ll suggest is “All Skin Types” :-)

Skin Care Routine

You “need” to have a skin care routine for a glowy and healthy skin and also to reduce all the concerns you have. Here are the steps you need to follow. (*Please don’t see me as a teacher or someone very serious :-P*)



Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser swatch


Use a cleanser/face wash every morning and night to get rid of all the dirt and oil.

Product recommended– L’oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Pearl Perfect Facial Foam



Homemade rose water


This will help freshen up your skin and remove excess cleanser from your pores.

You can use a homemade Gulab Jal or buy any formulated one from the market. Brands like Patanjali and Dabur make nice Rose Waters.



lotus whiteglow whitening brightning lotion


Never ever skip this step even if you apply a sunscreen afterwards.

Product RecommendedРLotus Whiteglow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Cr̬me

I am not saying anything in favour of fairness creams, but somehow products formulated for Whitening purpose works well for evening out skin tone.



LACTO CALAMINE Sun Shield Review+lacto calamine sunscreen


Whenever you go out please don’t forget to apply a sunscreen atleast 20 minutes beforehand. As our reader drives a two wheeler I’d suggest covering face from scarf and wearing sunglasses after using Sunscreen to avoid harsh UV rays which indeed is the major reason of pigmentation, tanning and uneven skin tone.

Night Regime


Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review Hand Swatch+aloe vera gel for hair


Replace the moisturizer with Aloe-Vera gel and skip the sunscreen (*ofcourse :-P*)

Product RecommendedPatanjali’s Aloe Vera Gel or natural (it really worked for my acne scars and little pigmentation) This also helps in firming the skin.

Bi-Weekly Routine

Exfoliate your skin with a scrub twice a week.

Product recommended– Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Whitening and Brightening Scrub

Use 3 home remedies of your choice from the links below every week. These work better than any formulated treatment but results starts showing up gradually.

Well this is all from my side and I promise if you follow this to the T your skin will start shining and looking better than before. Don’t forget to smile and stay happy 🙂

Have you tried any more tips to solve uneven skin tone ?

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  1. Hi Daksha! I’ve similar problems and oily skin. Lotus herbals lightening and whitening scrub can be too harsh and didn’t work for me. I’d suggest Biotique papaya scrub or Organic Harvest face scrub. Aloe vera gel is a good idea and I like the effect of CTM routine on my skin. For sunscreen you can try Lotus herbals sunscreen. I use Lotus UV matte gel.
    Though I’m still struggling, I go for regular clean ups and also get facials once in a while.

    • Hey Maitri Di, Thanks for the update, I have used that scrub and it worked on my skin but I feel your suggestion should be preferred as I don’t her skin type clearly. Have you tried VLCC’s Anti-pigmentation treatment?


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