Uneven Tan On Face|Uneven Tanning Spots


Rosy asks,

Hi ,

I am having uneven tan on my face.It is dark under my nose (around my mouth).I have tried fairness cream but it is of no use.I just bought lotus gel cream too .I am having combination skin with Oily T Zone.Please suggest me which cream I should use ?? Plzzz


Uneven tan on face+uneven tan



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  1. u should take a facial sitting after 20 days tht is must to remove ur tanning,becoz ist of all we have to clean our skin. u can take any tan remowal faciial wid blech nd peeling for better result…nd u should eat 2 bubblgum daily for face exercise nd press the tanned area wid finger tips. press presure points of tanned area… nd mix sujjii means rwwwaa wid sour curd nd apply on ur face thrice a weak nd leave it for sm time nd then rub slowly wid fingertips in circular motion….clockwise nd anti clockwise,,,, after tht u can see the result……..

  2. i used to have same prblm a month ago…i strtd using biotique bio coconut cream…nd like magis in 1 mnth…my tone ….nd every thing chngd…even iam having combi skin…this all bcoz of wise she frnds…thanks to wise she

  3. an easy and simple remedy for tan removal is to mix gram flour, yoghurt and a pinch of turmeric when applied regularly for a week or two works wonders for me :-)) you can substitute lemon juice for yoghurt, but as i feel lemon dries me out, yoghurt is a better option :yes: and remember never to step out without the sunblock having atleast spf 30, even on a cloudy day.

  4. u can even apply rice flour and fresh curd…daily…u look gr8..nd ur tone vl increase day by day…it makes u beautiful


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