Unique Rangoli Designs To Try For Diwali


Unique Rangoli Designs To Try For Diwali

Happy Diwali To All the WiseShe Readers!

I hope you have the best of the festival and a lot of happiness follows your way! 🙂

Rangoli holds a special significance in every festival in India. It is considered auspicious to make rangoli for the Pooja place. Sometimes people make rangoli out of only haldi (turmeric powder) & rice flour to keep it natural. Diwali being an extensive festival for people all over the country and parts of the world, Diwali rangolis are certainly a little more elaborate and extensive than most Indian festivals. Rangoli is usually made at the place of the main entrance to please the Lord Kuber & Goddess Lakshmi to enter the house and bless the home for prosperity, wealth & good health. So people take special care and make extensive designs which are beautiful every year. Some opt for natural rangoli with flowers while others opt for a quick no fuss water based rangoli with flower petals and floating candles.

Everyone seems to choose unique designs to make rangoli each year. Here I thought to share some amazing rangoli design suggestions from my saved images gallery to you all so that any one of you who is out of ideas can quickly try these designs! 🙂

Have a look!

Ganesha Rangoli

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ganesha rangoli

Lord Ganesha is the first god which everyone worships first. He is the one who is believed to ward away all the evil & obstacles in anything new and so it is an age old tradition in Hindi mythology to worship Lord Ganesha first & foremost. You can make your rangoli design in the shape of Lord Ganesha’s face! It is an auspicious as well as unique design you can try this year for rangoli.

Free-hand Rangoli

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Free-hand Rangoli

One of the best rangoli designs you can try is the Free-hand Rangoli. Well, just as you make a sketch without any stencil or anything and keep on drawing structures like flowers, peacock etc. you can make this design. Make flowers, tendrils, peacocks, parrots as per your choice and make it as bright and colorful as possible.

Peacock Rangoli

Peacock is one beautiful bird and it inspires a lot of our home decor items as well. Right from handicrafts to paintings, wall hangings, we have a good number of things which comes in the shape of a peacock! Our mehndi designs are so much inspired with peacock. Well, rangoli designs too can be made with a twist this year. You can try making a peacock rangoli instead of the traditional round or square design you always make! 🙂

easy peacock rangoli

Kalash Rangoli

A kalash is another object of importance in our house! It is considered “Shubh” in auspicious occasions. You can make a kalash and decorate it with diyas and flowers as well. This is an easy rangoli design to attempt and the result will be a beautiful rangoli this year!

kalash rangoli

Border Rangoli

A lot of us love to keep the rangoli sweet & simple and so this border rangoli design is really great idea for your main door decoration or just around the pillars at your home. You can change the colors with more bright and beautiful shades. The design is easy to make so you must try making it this year.

border rangoli design

Diya Rangoli Design

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Diyas and Diwali are inseparable! The festival of lights as we call it, is all about lighting earthen diyas and your rangoli design can be totally an inspiration from the beautiful diyas you can see in the shops!

diwa rangoli design

Semi-Circle Rangoli

A semi circle rangoli is less space consuming and a great idea for the center piece of floating candles on the main entrance. This simple design is a fabulous idea if you have a spare corner of the house you wish to decorate!

semi circle rangoli

Multi-color Rangoli

A multi-color rangoli is surely a pleasant sight. You can opt for a simple circular rangoli with petals and fill it with the brightest of the colors. Adorn a few diyas in the center and at these sides of the petals. Your easy rangoli design is all ready.

beautiful multicolor rangoli

Floral Rangoli

If you are someone not too fond of the colors used in rangoli, you can try the eco-friendly flower rangoli with all the flower petals of different flowers and make a beautiful design with the flowers.

floral rangoli design

Intricate Rangoli

If you have a good space in front of the house and you wish to fill the space with a large and intricate design of rangoli with diyas, you can try this intricate round rangoli this year. It will take a little while so you can ask for help from other family members. Also you can reduce the size of the rangoli over all and it will still look amazing.

intricate rangoli design



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