Untold Daytime Makeup Tips To Know


Untold Daytime Makeup Tips To Know

Makeup, as I always maintain is a tedious task and needs to be mastered. I am sure for a rare event like parties or marriages, we are comfortable to get the heavy makeup done and we are all cool about it. During night time our makeup is essential for us not to look right from the bed when everyone is gleaming pretty. But what should be our say during the day time? With the sun shining bright and no need of artificial lights, over makeup could land us looking like a clown! There has to be a line of difference between day and night makeups while we use the same products.

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Here is what we need to do to avoid such a mishap.

Always wear Sunscreen

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During day time, we cannot avoid the sunscreen because it is the base to our skin and it is the one which is going to save us from the harshness from nature. Some people skip this step and go ahead with full-fledged makeup but this is surely not going to help in the long run as the makeup is directly in contact with our skin and skin is directly being exposed to sun which then makes it burn and the makeup also goes for a toss in sometime. We have seen some people with flaky skin which we know comes from the burn out of makeup over the skin. If not sunscreen, we can use moisturizers which are SPF entailed and are equally good and effective on the skin.

Avoid Dark Eye liners

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This is one common mistake we often do. During day time, we should opt for brighter eye liners and eye shadows for our eyes to avoid looking abrupt. It is okay to be using all darker shades during the night time but with the sun directly in our face, we would not want to look absurd with popping eyes.

Use Bright Lipsticks

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During Day time, we should look for bright colors to add brightness and charm to our face. One often stands out either with most bright lip sticks during day time as they help you add brightness to your face as well as the day. Dark colors are always fine for the darkness, until and unless, obviously you are in love with them.

Skip Heavy Contouring

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One must not use a heavy layer of contouring and highlighting beneath makeup as it might flow off due to heat and you might appear cakey and flakes might appear on your face leading to an embarrassing situation.

Go for a Natural Look

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Until and unless for a special occasion where you need to do a full-fledged makeup, avoid a heavy dose. Go for nude or no-makeup makeup which would help you look better and lively. Natural makeups make you appear comfortable in your own skin during day time.

Usually what we wear on our normal days is what people remember us as and what we love as our own identity. To be able to capitalize on the bright sun light, it is always advised by beauty experts to go for light makeup during day time. During the night time, one can obviously dab makeup as per choice. It can be heavy with dark colors shining bright making you look good in artificial lights. Also as the makeup has no chances of melting away.

Have you tried these tips before?

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